Saturday, February 19, 2011

City United v Souths 19/2/11

First Grade
City United 6(dec)248 (Bede Young 81x, Shane Rutley 63, Peter Mead 24, Nathan Whale 16, Bill North 16) & 4-58 (Ross Steyn 25, Richie O'Halloran 22) defeated Souths 162 (Nathan Whale 4-23, Peter Mead 2-21, Cale Penrith 2-37, Bede Young 2-49)
A fabulous win by the firsts and their first for 14 months (19/12/09). Congratulations from all the club members to a first grade squad (including those blokes from 2nds who have filled in and done their share) who have toiled hard and often this season. These are just the first steps towards a premiership in four years time. Well done one and all but special plaudits to the senior players who have put so much time and belief into this side.
2nd Grade
City United 161 (Anthony Cashman 54, Michael Bellamy 41, Chris Langston 23) & 3-66 (Hamish Batley 21, Paul Fisher 18x) lost to Souths 7(dec) 250 (Isaac Kensell 3-62, Leo Steyn 3-68)
3rd Grade
Souths 328 (Tim Hunt 3-53, Terry Skewes 2-40, Andrew McDonald 2-57, Luke Lawrece 2-79) defeated City United 133 (Terry Skewes 17x) & 109 (Cory Callcott 41, Claude Orenstein 21x) outright
4th Grade
City United 205 (Mark Chew 45, Mick Cullen 36, Neil Cooke 31, Tait Jordan 22, Paul Hagley 16, Tim Painter 15x) defeated Souths 103 (Tait Jordan 3-16, Lachlan Cooke 2-11, Paul Hagley 2-15) & 2-110 (Luke Hagley 1-12, Neil Cooke 1-16)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

City United v Souths, 12th & 19th February, 2011

1st Grade v Souths at Riverside 1
City United 9-248 (Bede Young 81x, Shane Rutley 63, Peter Mead 24, Nathan Whale 16, Bll North 16) v Souths
Sent in on a hard flat deck, finally some pay off for the hard work our firsts have been putting in. Shane Rutley lead the way opening the innings and featured in productive partnerships with Anthony Dutton, Peter Mead and Bill North before being the sixth out at 134. When North went one run later, all the hard work might have floundered but for an explosive innings by Bede Young and willing partners in Nathan and Dan Whale and Dan Lawrence who took City's total well above anything achieved this season. Souths looked flummoxed at the close of play and will have to bat exceptionally well next week to turn back the rising tide of City men.
2nd Grade v Souths at Riverside 2
City United 161 (Anthony Cashman 54, Michael Bellamy 41, Chris Langston 23) v Souths 1-42 (Anthony Cashman 1-12)
An untidy day which still had many good points to it with City fighting hard to stay in the game. At 7-82, only Bellamy's aggressive opening batting stood out before Chashie and Langers added 41 for the 8th wicket and then McVey and Cashie 23 for the last. It was a low total but with this side being brim to over flowing with bowlers, maybe just enough. The last half hour saw Leo Steyn and Jack McVey flying past outside edges three or four times an over and all the luck rode with Souths. If only 50% of that luck changes, City could well be in this one.
3rd Grade v Souths at Riverside 5
Souths 328 (Tim Hunt 3-53. Terry Skewes 2-40, Andrew McDonald 2-57, Luke Lawrence 2-79) v City United 1-24
Skipper Cory Callcott returned to the side in time for a hiding from Souths off only 67 overs. All the bowlers were punished and after having Souths 3-65 they were pasted, especially in the last 15 overs. Still with similar conditions, City has a good blend of youth and experience and stranger things have happened and this is the side which has already pulled a few miracles.
4th Grade v Souths at Minor League 2
City United 6-104 (Neil Cooke 31, Tait Jordan 22 off 40 overs) v Souths 8-90 (Tait Jordan 3-16, Lachlan Cooke 2-11 off 40 overs)
After 40 overs each, City have the upper hand with wickets and runs in hand. Jordan and Cooke added 54 for the 2nd wicket and their is still some explosive batting to come. Souths reached 1-40 in their innings before Paul Lawrence, Neil Cooke and Tait Jordan ripped through them. Special mention to Lachlan Cooke who again impressed with his well flighted leg breaks in a tight five over spell. What smells like team spirit could convert a good start into a first win next week.