Thursday, October 20, 2011

City United Teams vs Norths - Round 2 (22nd & 29th October)

City United teams to play Norths in round 2 in a two day match this Saturday 22nd & 29th. All players
are requested to be at there ground by 1230pm. Players and supporters are welcome back to the
best little club in town Tamworth City Bowling Club for a refreshing drink and BBQ after the days play
- any late unavailabilities please ring your captain ASAP. For more information about City United
and the season ahead check our website

1st Grade (Number 1 Oval)
Daniel Whale (C) (0423918389), Leo Steyn, Nathan Whale, Ross Steyn, Richard O'Halloran, Anthony Dutton,
Ryan Hansen, Michael Bellamy/Bill North, Issac Kensell, Matthew Walter, Jake Philp, Daniel Lawrence

2nd Grade (Riverside 3)
Paul Fisher (C) (0429654808), Shaun Hancock, Brock Hawley/Mark Fisher, Anthony Cashman, Shel Ravi/Simon Bellamy,
???/Michael Bellamy, David Weekes, Ben Cederblad, Steven Ballantine, Neil Cooke, Chris Langston, John Miskle/Patrick Dwyer

3rd Grade (Belmore Park)
Cory Callcott (C) (0402334403), Matt Ballantine, Adam Ballantine, Nick Stacey/Ben Ballantine,
David Hozigal, Daniel Mitchel, Peter Mead, Andrew McDonald, Glenn Ryan/Trent Balderston,
Tait Jordan, Nick Townsend,

4th Grade (Riverside 8)
Paul Lawrence (C) (0438617044),
Anthony Fitzgerald, Ron Benjamin, Rod Pryor, Paul Hagley, Nick Stacey, Gary whale, Scott Pinkerton,
Tim Paynter, Graeme Schwenke, (2 More to be named)