Tuesday, April 12, 2011

City Hours

A copy of the DVD shown at the presentation night "Top Fun" is available through our sponsor Six Nines Imagery for $5. If you would like a copy of this DVD then please get in touch with Lango. Likewise photo discs can be prepared for individual players from the photos which were showing all evening, price negotiable according to the number of photos available. You can contact Lango of Six Nines Imagery on 0438028917.

City United will continue to run our Footy Double tickets on the first televised Friday night game of the season, if you would like a ticket ($2 per ticket, prize of $100 cash) contact Paul Lawrence or Cory Callcott.

Everyone is welcome to join us of a Friday evening from 6pm at the Tamworth City Bowling Club. The club offers ample Meat Raffles every Friday night along with a jackpoting Ace Clubs draw! Lets all catch up over the off season for a few cold ones, collect some Meat trays and help support our Major Sponsor!

Monday, April 11, 2011

City United Presentation Night - 9th April 2011

Presidents Report - 2011 Presentation Night

What a great night! It was one of the most enjoyable Presentation nights City United has held.

There were so many highlights from the night but John Gleeson was the standout, he was truly inspirational for everyone. Paul Fisher was a great choice as our M.C. Peter Langston review of City's season was excellent. Claude Orenstein receiving his Life membership was very much deserved and Peter Mead being presented with the Basil Penrith "Clubman of the Year Award” was something special.

I would like to thank everyone involved in organizing the night. The night showed once again that City United is still strong and looking forward to the future with confidence.

Our AGM will be held Tuesday the 5th of July commencing 6.30pm at the City Bowling Club.