Friday, August 15, 2014

A little story to finish the week.

 We had a power outage at the house this morning and my PC, laptop, TV, DVD,  iPad and my new surround sound music system were all shut down.
Then I discovered that my iPhone battery was flat and to top it off it was raining outside, so I couldn't go out and practice cricket for my City United.
I went into the kitchen to make  a cup of coffee and then I remembered that this also needs power, so I sat and talked with my wife for a few hours.
She seems like a really nice person.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Building for a big season.

Timmy was hitting the ball very nicely at training on Sunday.  I swear the boy has built up through the off season.

Sunday was a spectacular morning the sun was out, not a cloud in the sky. The first training session of the 2014/15 was a good one. City's training equipment was in full use.
Kathy and Trent had players filling out their Rego and paying their fees.
There is a good vibe within the club as club President Anthony Fitzgerald rally’s the club for what is building as a very exciting and fulfilling season.
City United has a busy preseason ahead, as well as the clubs Sunday morning training City has two trail matches booked in. City will be sending two teams to play Dubbo RSL Colts in Dubbo planned for September, City 1st Grade side has a trail match against Armidale City Cricket Club in Tamworth as well as the TDCA bash For Cash competition, it will ensure it’s a busy time for the club and it's players leading into the start of the competition proper on 11th October.
Training will continue this Sunday Riverside 2 practice nets commencing at 10am til noon.
GOOOOOOO I’m getting excited CITY