Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CUCC vs Old Boys - Round 11 Teams

City United teams to play Old Boys in round 11 One Day matches Saturday 21st January. All players are requested to be at there respective grounds by (1st Grade 1pm, 2nd Grade 8am, 3rd Grade 1230pm). Both players and supporters are welcome back to our major sponsor Tamworth City Bowling Club for refreshing drinks after the days play - Any late unavailabilities please ring your captain ASAP. For more information about City United and the season ahead check our website

First Grade - TREC 1.30pm
D.Whale (C) 0423918389, N.Whale, L.Steyn, R.Steyn, M.Bellamy, A.Dutton, J.Philp, M.Walter, D.Lawrence, P.Dwyer, S.Ballantine, B.North

Second Grade - TREC 8.30am
P.Fisher (C) 0429654808, S.Hancock, I.Kensell, G.Schwenke, J.Sipple, M.Fisher, B.Cederblad, J.Hawley, N.Cooke, P.Hagley, S.Bellamy, J.McVey

Third Grade - Riverside 9 1pm
C.Callcott (C) 0402334403, P.Mead, M.Ballantine, B.Ballantine, S.Ravi, A.McDonald, D.Holzigal, T.Balderston, G.Ryan, T.Fitzgerald, J.Miskle, D.Smith

Reminder to all players that all rego fees are now overdue. If you still owe some fees or have difficulty paying your fees could you please sort this out with our treasurer Kathy Lawrence ASAP.

Training - Numbers have been dropping off a little in the training department, I know its a bad time of year with holidays and extra work loads during CMF but lets not slacken off completely, it could be the difference between getting into the semi finals / final or not so see you all at the netts this thursday!