Thursday, February 5, 2015

An exciting announcement

Long standing supporter, scorer, heckler and Mr Nice Guy, Phillip Hood has thrown down a challenge to all City players and teams.

His challenge is for this weekend only. For every City United batsman that scores a century this weekend Phillip will buy you a carton of your choice of refreshments. But wait it goes further than that, for any City Team that scores over 200 runs this weekend Phillip will shout that team two cartons of refreshments of their choosing.

Phillip will at Riverside 1 scoring 1st Grade on Saturday and will have his phone ready waiting to hear from any winners.

GOOOOOOO we all at City, wish Phil all the very best as his goes into hospital for a knee reconstruction this Monday morning CITY

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

City United’s own little Tassie Devil.

Michael, here being carried off the field by his team
mates after hitting the winnings runs against Old Boys.
Michael Bellamy was home visiting family and friends last weekend. It was great to see him when he came down to watch some of the 2nd Grade match on Saturday.

I have had the pleasure of watching Michael grow up from being a shy little 4th Grader to being a confident, young man whom City can be so proud of.

Michael was telling me.   “I've settled in well to Hobart and I'm enjoying working for Regional Imaging Tasmania as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist.  I found a great club to play for in North Hobart Cricket Club which has a long and rich history in Tasmanian cricket.  I've established myself as an allrounder (told ya Fish!) playing 2nds and 3rds.  Training with former, current and future state players has been great.  However, I never thought I'd need warm clothes to play cricket until I moved to Hobart!  The locals complain about playing in the heat when it hasn’t even reached 30 degrees.”