Friday, February 15, 2013

We are without an umpire.

This Saturday the little boys in 4th Grade will have no Umpire for the match. So goes back to the days of backyard cricket were you do your own Umpiring. Now, when you consider the friendly sledging that happens amongst the team I can already see some of the following being said.  

“What happens when a player loses his eyesight?                  
He becomes an umpire"
Paul Lawrence bowls. Batsman is trapped plumb LBW. Paul appeals.
“Not out.”
Next ball. Paul ever-so-slightly irritated.  Paul bowls.  Audible snick, ball deflects and sails upward, caught behind.  Paul appeals.
"Not out.”
Third ball. Paul a little more irritated now. Paul bowls. Through the gate, stumps spread-eagled, middle stump uprooted and cartwheeling. Paul turns to the umpire (who is one of his teammates)  and says with a wry smile, 'We nearly had him that time, didn't we?
GOOOOOOOOO you are assured of a laugh on Saturday's at 4th Grade, I expect there to be more than normal. CITY 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Victory song for City

As Peter Mead and his boys were walking off the field after winning the 2012/13 One –Day Final. Josh Bennie asked if City had a victory song. Well not yet, may be we could take the lead from the Australian Test team.
The song "Under the Southern Cross'' is sung by the players of the Australian cricket team after each victory.
"Under the Southern Cross I stand
A sprig of wattle in my hand
A native of my native land
Australia, you little beauty"
It is treated with reverence and respect by the players. At any one time there is a custodian of the song, whose honoured role it is to sing it and lead the others in singing it after a victory. As the keeper of the unofficial anthem retires, he anoints another to be the custodian.
The custodians so far have been:
Rod Marsh, passed it to Allan Border on retirement;
Border passed to David Boon when he took on the captaincy.
Boon passed the honour to Ian Healy when he retired.
Healy anointed Ricky Ponting when Healy retired.
Ponting gave the responsibility to Justin Langer when he became captain in 2004.
Langer appointed Michael Hussey in 2007 on his retirement.
Hussey has now passed it on to Nathan Lyon upon his retirement in January 2013.
GOOOOOOOOO I have heard a slightly different vision to the last line CITY

Valentine’s Day at City

Box of chocolate $20, dinner for two $180, dozen roses $30, being single this year on Valentine's Day and saving $230, PRICELESS!




After she woke up, a woman told her husband, "I just dreamed you gave me a diamond necklace for Valentine’s Day. What do you think it means?"
"You’ll know tonight," he said.
That evening the husband came home with a small package and gave it to his wife. Delighted, she opened it--to find a book entitled “The Meaning of Dreams.”
GOOOOOOOO if you give a little love , it will all come back to you CITY


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Two things that come to mind from Saturday's matches

Firstly we all see things slightly differently and umpires are no different.
My family was discussing a doubtful run-out decision. The argument went backwards and forwards, but eventually mother spoke up and said: "Well, from where I was sitting-at the far end of the sofa, by the sideboard, with a clear view of the screen, I thought he was out!'

        The second involves our President who opened the batting, to every one's surprise. After only lasting a few deliveries he was out, caught behind.
      The question was then asked “What is our President's favourite movie? A. Gone in 60 seconds.”
GOOOOOOO the sledging in 4th Grade from your own team mates, can be so cruel at times CITY

Monday, February 11, 2013

To a hurting dozen

Cricket is like life itself, it is not always fair. “A team’s greatest success comes after their greatest disappointment.”

GOOOOOOOOOO the past is gone, the future is what you make of it CITY

Congratulations on two superb knocks on Saturday by Ben Chew and Tait Jordan. Results from Rd 14 games against Bective played Sat 9 February.

1st Grade:    City won the toss and elected to bat. City were dismissed for a total of 160 runs in the 55th over.
Best batting:   Ben Chew 92 runs; Dan Whale 27 runs N/O; Scott Hulbert 24 runs.
In reply Bective are 0/100 off 21 overs at stumps on day 1. Best bowling:  Jack McVey 0/13 off 4 overs; Ben Semmler 0/28 off 7 overs; Nathan Whale 0/20 off 5 overs.
2nd Grade: City won the toss and elected to bat. City were dismissed for a total of 183 runs in the 64th over.
Best batting:   Adam Ryan 48 runs; Chris Langston 46 runs; Pat Dwyer 23 runs.
In reply Bective are 1/47 off 13 overs at stumps on day 1. Best bowling:   Terry Kampe 1/16 off 5 overs; Neil Cooke 0/12 off 4 overs.
3rd Grade: City won the toss and elected to bat. City were dismissed for a total of 224 runs in the 54th over.
Best batting:  Tait Jordan 96 runs; Peter Mead 36 runs; Cory Callcott 25 runs; Andy Jarrett 21 runs.
In reply Bective are 4/71 off 23 overs at stumps on day 1. Best  bowling:  Brett Walsh 2/14 off 6 overs; Tait Jordan 1/10 off 4 overs; Glenn Ryan 1/19 off 6 overs.
4th Grade : City lost the toss and were sent out to field. Bective were dismissed for a total of 76 runs in the 37th over.
Best bowling:  Paul Hagley 2/13 off 8 overs; Paul Lawrence 2/8 off 3 overs; Eddie Beattie 2/1 off 1 over.
City finished the day being 5 wickets down for 127 runs. Best Battsmen Anthony Fitzgerald 40 rund and Scotty Hurn 28 N.O. City have already taken first innings points.

 The 4th Grade "DUCKY" was there on Saturday supporting his team.  He told me this story of one of his cousins.
     This duck walks into a bar, and asks the bartender, “Do you have any grapes"?
     The bartender says, "No we only sell beer here". The duck leaves.
     The next day the duck walks back into the bar and asks the bartender, "Do you have any grapes"?
     The bartender says, "No I told you we only sell beer, and if you ask me again I’m going to nail your beak to the bar.” So the duck leaves.
       The next day the duck walks back into the bar, and asks the bartender “Do you have any nails"? Confused, the bartender says "no."
       The duck is silent for a moment, and then asks, "Good! Got any grapes?"
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  City is in good hands CITY