Thursday, February 14, 2013

Victory song for City

As Peter Mead and his boys were walking off the field after winning the 2012/13 One –Day Final. Josh Bennie asked if City had a victory song. Well not yet, may be we could take the lead from the Australian Test team.
The song "Under the Southern Cross'' is sung by the players of the Australian cricket team after each victory.
"Under the Southern Cross I stand
A sprig of wattle in my hand
A native of my native land
Australia, you little beauty"
It is treated with reverence and respect by the players. At any one time there is a custodian of the song, whose honoured role it is to sing it and lead the others in singing it after a victory. As the keeper of the unofficial anthem retires, he anoints another to be the custodian.
The custodians so far have been:
Rod Marsh, passed it to Allan Border on retirement;
Border passed to David Boon when he took on the captaincy.
Boon passed the honour to Ian Healy when he retired.
Healy anointed Ricky Ponting when Healy retired.
Ponting gave the responsibility to Justin Langer when he became captain in 2004.
Langer appointed Michael Hussey in 2007 on his retirement.
Hussey has now passed it on to Nathan Lyon upon his retirement in January 2013.
GOOOOOOOOO I have heard a slightly different vision to the last line CITY

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