Saturday, October 13, 2012

Change of ground

Ist Grade has had a ground change to Chaffey Park with the normal start time of 1pm. There will be a BBQ back at our City Bowling Club after the matches. If your match finishes early please make your way to Chaffey Park to cheer on our 1st Grade side.
GOOOOOO best of luck today CITY

Friday, October 12, 2012

Cricket is still on for Saturday!!!!!!

Today might feel like the middle of winter but the council staff have prepared all the wickets and at this stage all matches are still on. The only concern is No1 Oval and an inspection & decision on No1 Oval being made tomorrow morning at 7 am. If that ground is deemed as unsafe, 1st grade will move to Chaffey Park with a normal 1pm start time. Information will be placed on our web site as it comes to hand. Weather forecast for tomorrow is a sunny 21 degrees.
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Update- Teams for this Saturday.

City United teams to play Bective East this Saturday 13th October in One Day matches. Please note 1st Grade match will be a Day/Night match at No1 Oval starting at 3pm. All other grades are invited to return to No 1 Oval for drinks and a BBQ after your matches.  All players are requested to be at their prospective grounds by 12.30. If any player is unavailable please contact your captain.
1st Grade No 1 Oval 3 pm start: Dan Whale (C) 0423918389, Jade Thompson, Simon Toyer, Scott de Weymarn,  Richard O'Halloran, Ryan Hansen, Jack Philp, Ben Chew, Jake McVey, Daniel Lawrence, Aaron Dennis, Scott Hulbert.
2nd Grade Riverside 3: Paul Fisher (C) 0429654808, Neil Cooke,  Daniel Rogers, Chris Langston, Pat Dwyer, David Weekes, Shel Ravi, Sean Hancock, Sam Brown. Paul Hagley, John Miskle
3rd Grade Belmore: Peter Mead (C)0427603558, Cory Callcott, Rob Mills, Andy Jarrett, Brett Walsh, Terry Kampe,Adam Ryan, Tait Jordan, Glen Ryan, Matt Ballentine, Lachlan Cooke,
4th Grade Riverside 8: Paul Lawrence (C) 0438617044, Anthony Fitzgerald, Tom Fitzgerald,  Terry Skewes, Graeme Schwenke, Eddie Beattie, Cooper Thompson, Gary Whale, Ron Benjamin, Tim Paynter, Luke Hagley, Scotty Hurn.
City prides itself on being a true club, not 4 individual teams. We play for the club not for a specific team or grade, throughout the season there will be movement of players within the grades both up and down but always playing for City, that’s what being a part of a club is all about. Best of luck to everyone for the weekend matches.
GOOOOOOO come Saturday night may the town ring out with the words of city city city CITY

Just a quick one.

The upcoming 20/20 TDCA competition nominations have now been extended until Friday 12 October.  There will be a selection meeting at 6.30pm on at Friday at Cricket House at which time the teams will be drawn.  Cost to players is $20.  Players are welcome to attend the selection meeting if they wish to try on clothes for sizing.  The games will commence close to 5.00pm.  Players from 1st or 2nd grade only will be considered.  Any player interested can contact Nikki on 0427826704.

Fielding training session

Our first fortnightly Tuesday fielding training session at No 1 Oval was a huge success (see pictures) with a good number of players attending. Our normal training session continues this afternoon at 5pm at the Riverside 2 practice cricket nets, all player are requested to attend. Training will be held every Wednesday throughout the season from 5pm. Teams will be selected after training and will be placed on the Web Site. It is the player’s responsibility to ensure they notify their captains of their unavailability after the teams have been selected.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Players out to drink him dry.

Our 1st grade scorer and manager Phillip Hood placed a challenge at the start of the season to the 1st Grade team which was “Whenever the team scored over 200 runs in an innings he would shout them a carton of refreshments” Well bugger me, first match into the new season and his 1st Grade side scored 211 off their 35 overs and Phil will be required to pay up.
GOOOOOOO I fell like one now CITY

Tamworth’s own Twenty20 competition

The TDCA are still calling for nominations from players interested in playing in the upcoming 20/20 competition.
The competition will be organized as previous years with four franchise teams. Games will be played Friday afternoons at the Riverside fields. Any player interested can obtain a Nominate by just phoning Nikki on 0427826704.  Names need to lodged with the TDCA by this Wednesday 10 October, for the teams selection meeting.
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Monday, October 8, 2012

No 1 oval for some fielding sessions.

City will be holding a fielding and catching practice session tomorrow Tuesday from 5.30 till 6.30 at No 1 oval. All are welcome to attend. You might be selected in the team as a batsman or as a bowler but we will spend more time throughout a match as fielders . Bring your running shoes, your  City training singlet, a hat and a drink.
GOOOOOOO and don't forget your box CITY

Results from Rd 1 games against Old Boys played Sat 6 Oct, 2012

First Grade: Old Boys won the toss and elected to bat first. Old Boys hit 4/251 off their 35 overs. Best bowling:  Scott Hulbert 2/28 off 3 overs; Aaron Dennis 1/34 off 7 overs; Daniel Lawrence 1/43 off 7 overs. In reply City hit 8/211 off their 35 overs. Best batting:  Ryan Hansen 30 runs; Scott De Weymarn 29 runs; Daniel Lawrence 28 runs; Peter Mead 26 runs. In the absence of Dan Whale, Ben Semmler was stand-in captain and lead the side well.  Old Boys opener, Simon Norvill was in good form hitting his first century for the season.  It didn’t help that City dropped him 3 times alone; the first when Simon was on 4 runs.  There will be more catching practice this week lads.  Our batting line-up has plenty of promise and hopefully as the season progresses this will be reflected in the scores. First Grade has gained a few new faces this season in the form of Scott De Weymarn, Scott Hulbert, Simon Toyer & Aaron Dennis.  City also welcomes back to Ben Semmler and Ben Chew.  All these players will provide a huge boost to the First Grade side.                                                                    
Second Grade: City United won the toss and elected to bat. City United were dismissed for 197 runs in the 34th over. Best batting:  Andy Jarratt 45 runs; Chris Langston 23 runs; Sean Hancock 20 runs. In reply Old Boys were dismissed for 138 runs in the 33rd over. Best bowling:  Shel Ravi  5/34 off 7 overs; Pat Dwyer 2/15 off 7 overs; Chris Langston 2/37 off 7 overs. With the cricket season commencing during the school holidays, some players from the lower grades were called upon to help field a team for seconds. A good win boys, with tougher matches lying ahead.                          
Third Grade: Unfortunately Old Boys were unable to field a team and handed City United a forfeit.
 Players can access the full results by clicking on the link to "results" at the City website. Once again a big thankyou to those players who were asked at late notice to fill-in over the weekend, you all did yourself and your club proud.  
GOOOOOOO well done Shel, city's first five wicket haul CITY