Saturday, October 31, 2009

Results v West Tamworth, 31st October

Two up, two down but pretty predictable after the first week. As it looked after last week's play, it was the odd teams - 1st and 3rds - who recorded first inings wins and the evens - 2nds and 4ths who lost. What was unpredictable was the outright loss in 2nds.

1st Grade
This was a game that almost slipped away and at 7-107 , with an injured Ross Steyn waiting in the wings to bat only if required, it may well have had it not been for Cameron Pyne and Tom Wilson who combined for a 43 run 8th wicket partnership which just about saw us home. In the end, the Skipper had that honour, greatly aided by four byes which secured first innings points. Bonus points in Wests second innings which included two wickets to Flaherty and sixes of consecutive balls from Harriott - proof positive of his keeping ability.
Wests 161 (Tom Wilson 3-26, Nathan Whale 2-22, Brendon Reynolds 2-29) and 5-138 (Aaron Flaherty 2-26) lost to City 9 dec for 167 (Aaron Flaherty 46, Cameron Pyne 36, Nathan Whale 28, Tom Wilson 20x)on the first innings.

2nd Grade
No matter how you cut this game apart, it was a bad loss which focused on two poor team innings, despite good work by our bowlers. Ben Semmler was again the outstanding performer with the ball but he was hardly alone. For a period on both days, heads may have dropped, as did catches but these things can be cured on the training paddock, which is where we need to see the 2nds this and following weeks. It can only be up from here. Let's lift for Fish's last game.
Wests 170 (Chris Langston 3-29, Doug Cederblad 2-28, Jay Sippel 2-40) and 135 (Ben Semmler 5-21, Anthony Cashman 3-26) defeated City 122 (Ben Semmler 34) and 54 (Anthony Dutton 22) outright.

3rd Grade
Another good win from a team with many contributors, even if it became a bit sticky towards the end of the second day. Wests fought hard over the first innings points and were denied when within reach when City took the last three wickets for three runs, courtesy of Ryan and Batley. Batting a second time, City were always in trouble, despite some excellent strokeplay from Orenstein and Calcott and some taile wagging from Ryan, Pryor and Lawrence. Wests may have won and got close enough to do just that, but again, Batley and Lawrence bowled well to slow their progress.
City 241 (Cory Calcott 65, Pierre Steyn 44, Ryan Sippel 40, Michael Bellamy 36) and 122 (Claude Orenstein 25, Cory Calcott 23) defeated Wests 233 (Glenn Ryan 2-17, Josh Allen 2-19, Jack Mitchell 2-35, Hamish Batley 2-48) and 6-122 (Hamish Batley 3-18) on the first innings.

4th Grade
A tough game for the team(s) but again, some good indicators including the batting of Tim Hunt in both innings and a return to form from Phil Cook with the bat and a gutsy effort from all of the young bowlers. Having to chase leather across burr ridden grounds is definitely an exercise for the young at heart and our boys did just that for a long time on the second day, before being offered another bat. Everyone bowled but Hunt was the best of them. Second time around, there was a lot of spirit shown in making Wests wait until five to six to secure the outright. Well played lads.
City 125 (Tim Hunt 27, Simon Bellamy 25) and 136 (Phil Cook 30, Tim Hunt 27, Steve Johnston 16, Simon Bellamy 15, Ryan Hanson 14) lost to Wests 340 (Tim Hunt 3-51, John Kennedy 2-12) outright.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

City United Clothing

Players who would like to purchase a club cap or broad-brimmed fielding hat, Claude Orenstein still has plenty. If you don't have a City shirt, get your order (with size and money) in to Claude ASAP, as he's about to order a new batch. He also has a short supply of sew on badges which are going fast.

Self-adhesive helmet badges are on the way. The club will be happy to supply these free to any player who wants one. Lango will come around the grounds and distribute these little treats. They would also make good bumper or window stickers.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good News From The Junior Ranks

Its always good to hear our younger players doing well away from the realms of grade cricket. Last Sunday, Daniel Lawrence and Dougie Cederblad were on rep duty for the Tamworth U/16's in a Twenty/20 tournament at Scone. Both lads were in the wickets and Daniel picked up handy runs too. This Sunday they are back at Scone to take on Upper Hunter in a 50 over game. Hamish Batley was another City player to do well at the same carnival, this time in the Tamworth U/14's. The Little City Batley(er) picked up 5 wickets for the carnival at the miserley cost of 12 runs. Not bad in three Twenty20 innings! Batts has also been picked to play in the independent school Possibles v Probables match in Sydney next Tuesday. More of the same form will land him a spot in the NSW team. Good luck Batts.

Tamworth junior cricket teams travelled to Coonabarbran (sounds like a wheelbarrrow load of cheese and bran doesn't it?) and won in all three games. In the u/14's, Ryan Hanson batted well but bolwed even better with 2-9. No wonder he's been bothering older blokes with a good line and length at training. In the U/16's, it was the Simon Bellamy show. In at six, he top scored with 41 in a total of 157 and then took 3-5 from 4 overs in Coona's losing total of 101. Leo Steyn who earlier made a well compiled 18, took the new cherry to great effect (2-17), bowling a nice line during his 8 overs.

Any other tales of City players shining? Drop Lango a line with the details.

Old Photos Update

Thanks to good detective work from Luke O'Connor, three old photos of past City United teams are now on display on the City Snaps page, including players names. See the youthful faces of the 1996/97 1st Grade Premiers, including President Tony Higgins and current club players Luke O'Connor and Anthony Dutton.

If you have any old cricket snaps of City players, email them to Lango or let him borrow and scan them to add to the collection.

Grand futures are built on such rich history.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Mixed Bag - City v Wests

City served up twenty cents worth of mixed lollies against West in four grades on Saturday. Those odd grades - 1st and 3rd - are well placed after strong team performances but the evens - 2nds and 4th - are in a spot of trouble after digging themselves deeper the longer such a fine, warm Saturday went on. Still, the thought of being a City Man can often make up a lot of difference.

Firsts played a lot of smart cricket and certainly have the upper hand in this match at No.1. Winning the toss, Dan Mitchell was always intent on making sure he took advantage of a Wests line-up short on a couple of the stars from their firmament and he duly asked them to have a bat. Brendon Reynolds struck first but the skipper kept his bowlers rotating about despite the regular fall of wickets. This was exemplified by the first six wickets falling to six different bowlers. Tom Wilson again ended with the bulk of the spoils but all bowled well, including Richie O'Halloran with six overs of spin. The other eye catching performance came from Buddy Harriott behind the sticks, where his skill mounted pressure on the batsman. The willow-men then made the most of things until stumps with Aaron Flaherty again impressive. The lowlight came with the needless runout of Nathan Whale just as the umps were about to pull the timbers.
Wests161 (Tom Wilson 3-26, Nathan Whale 2-22, Brendon Reynolds 2-29). City 2-77 (Aaron Flaherty 41x, Nathan Whale 28).

Seconds bowled well, especially in finishing of the Wests innings, where the last six wickets were taken for 41. Chris Langston, returning from injury, was again a key contributor, even if a little loose as he shakes off pre-season cobwebs. Ben Semmler continues to impress as does his new ball partner Tim Skewes. With the injury to Matt Reynolds, the chance for others to step up was offered and taken by Dougie Cederblad and Jay Sippel. Cederblad, in particular bowled well, snaring a couple of important mid-innings wickets. Unfortunately, the City innings was soon in tatters and stayed there for the hours when the shadows lengthened after tea. A few made starts but it was Xavier Tras who top scored. Still, with 86 required, Ben Semmler looking solid and Anthony Dutton to return next week, we might be wheezing and have wobbly legs but like Monty Python's Black Night, we are not beaten yet.
Wests 170 (Chris Langston 3-29, Dougie Cederblad 2-28, Jay Sippel 2-40) v City 7-85

Thirds have more rabbits and more hats than any other team in the club. Four big contributions saw them post a very healthy first innings. The biggest Jack of them all was Cory Calcott who used the small boundaries at Belmore to his advantage with ten 4's and two 6's in his dig. He should have stayed out there swinging whilst the others had a cool one because he lost it after the break. Ryan Sippel played a nice hand opening and dominated the 61 first wicket stand with Pat Dwyer. Michael Bellamy at three unfortunately played over one when well on top but this was a good hand which set the stage for later batsmen. Pierre Steyn, as he often does, unleashed drives on both sides of the wickets and never stayed on strike for too long. He is a busy batsman. Wests were in trouble early courtesy of Josh Allen and Daniel Lawrence but they rallied only to be thwarted by astute bowling changes from the Skipper, Ryan.
City 241 (Cory Calcott 65, Pierre Steyn 44, Ryan Sippel 40, Michael Bellamy 36) v Wests 5-130 (Josh Allen 2-19)

Fourths have conceded first innings points and the day ended with some leather chasing but as is always the case, there were some nice pointers to future things. Tim Hunt and Simon Bellamy would be two of them. They batted well and combined good defence with selective shot making with a certain sense of maturity that indicates they will spend many more years in higher grades than these fledging performances. The other that caught the eye was Josh Worpel, who has been working hard at training and batted like it was a Test match. It's always encouraging to see young blokes with such determination. There was also a lot of spirit in the sense of team that all of the lads showed, even when defending their smallish total. Kaine Philpott and Dylan Jackson tried hard with the ball and Simon Bellamy bowled a tight line.
City 125 (Tim Hunt 27, Simon Bellamy 25) v Wests 5-179 (Tim Hunt 2-31)