Friday, November 25, 2011

TDCA - All Grade Matches Cancelled - November 26th

Due to the great weather for ducks we have been recieving all week yet again, all grade matches for this Saturday 26th of November have been cancelled.

Training will run as usual this coming Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm at Tamworth High School nets, let's keep our great training attendance up!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CUCC vs West Tamworth - Round 5 Selections

City United teams to play West Tamworth in round 5 One Day match this Saturday 26th November.
All players are requested to be at there respective grounds by 1230pm. Both players and supporters are welcome back to Tamworth City Bowling Club for a refreshing drink after the days play - any late unavailabilities please ring your captain ASAP. For more information about City United and the season ahead check our website

First Grade (Scully Park)
Daniel Whale (C) 0423 918 389, Nathan Whale, Michael Bellamy, Ross Steyn, Ryan Hansen, Richard O'Halloran, Leo Steyn, Jake Philp, Daniel Lawrence, Matthew Walter, Jack McVee

Second Grade (Chaffey Park)
Paul Fisher (C) 0429 654 808, Shaun Hancock, Neil Cooke, Mark Fisher, Ben Cederblad, Jacob Hawley, Brock Hawley, Patrick Dwyer, Simon Bellamy, Steven Ballantine, Chris Langston

Third Grade (TREC)
Cory Callcott (C) 0402 334 403, Ben Ballantine, Matt Ballantine, Peter Mead, David Holzigal, Daniel Mitchell, Andrew McDonald, Trent Balderston, Nicholas Stacey, Nicholas Townsend, David Carrol, Shel Ravi

Fourth Grade (Riverside 7)
Garry Whale (C) 0427 496 577, Ron Benjamin, Doug Truman, Scott Hurn, Lochlan Cooke, Tim Paynter, Lochlan Baily, Anthony Fitzgerald, John Miskle, Zac Johnston, Graham Shwenke, Glenn Ryan

Monday, November 21, 2011

Player Profile - Daniel Whale

Who was your favourite cricket player to watch when growing up?
Steve Waugh

Favourite cartoon as a child?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Are you studying or working, If so doing what?
Currently doing both. Working as a Town Planner @ Baxter Geo Consulting and studying a Diploma of Business Management.

When you were growing up, what did you want to be?
Primary Teacher

My most treasured possession/s:
Family, Mates & My NSW Country Rugby Jersey

What do you normally eat for breakfast?
Weet-Bix & Toast

Who is the team mate that brings a smile to your face and makes you laugh?
Richie (The Rookie) O’Halloran

My every last meal would be:

Mum’s Curried Chicken

What highest level you have played cricket?
Central North

Favourite holiday destination?

Any Ski Resort

In the movie of "MY LIFE" I’d like to be played by:

Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean)

What primary school do you attend?
Westdale Public School

What is your most embarrassing moment on the cricket field to date?
Being carried off the field by Mick Schmiedel after being hit in the nether region whilst keeping. There were tears.

Stranded on an Island, What are your 3 essential items?
A deck of cards, some beers & iPod.

What footy team do you support either in NRL or AFL?
Melbourne Storm

What would you buy with your last $50?
A ticket on No.8 in the last at Wentworth Park.

Who is your favourite musician?
John Mayer

Fourth Grade One Day Match - Saturday 19th November

The rain came at the wrong end of the week again for the higher grades, with only fourth grade being able to get onto the paddock for the first of the one day matches this season.

A number of higher grade players, supporters, wifes and families turned out to watch the fourth grade match and give there support for our fourth grade team throughout the afternoon. It was a real carnival atmosphere with a few marquees setup, music playing and a few snags on the BBQ also to ensure everyone was well feed with a few drinks available if the need arised.

The supporters showed fourth grade how it should be done by playing a game of back yard cricket on the side line during the afternoon, with the one hand one bounce rule causing a few partnerships to come unstuck!

Fourth grade would like to thank everyone for showing their support throughout saturday afternoon.

All players are reminded of training every Tuesday and Thursday, lets keep our high attendance numbers and work with Matt Walter and Dan Whale in running some of there fielding drills as well as well as the use of the bowling machine.

Do you want to improve your cricket performances on the weekend? training is a good start. There are always some experience players at training to give you advice if needed and it’s great to see all our captains attending training always watching for there next player putting in the effort, it does not go un-noticed.
So make an effort, if you are not already attending at least one session a week to work on your skills. see you there.