Wednesday, May 26, 2010

City United Annual General Meeting

Friends, opening batsmen and countrymen: lend me your interface!

City United Cricket Club will conduct it's AGM on Tuesday 29th June from 6:30pm at the South Tamworth Bowling Club.

I am moved by a comment Simon Hood passed today in connection with letting people know the meeting is on ... "they should want to know ... it's their club". Towards the end of last year every man and his dog and often his girlfriend, had opinions to pass about how things should run at the club. Now that's a good thing but it won't count for diddly unless they turn up at the AGM and express their opinion.

City finished the season well, with a fabulous Presentation Night which has given the club an impetus to move forward, building on last season but doing it even better. The next stage in that process isn't the first ball of the season. The Club has to plan and organise and the Executive which will be elected needs input from members.

The next stage in the process is the AGM. It will probably only take 90 minutes but it will shape all of next season. Important, eh?

Mark it on your phone calendar, desktop, laptop, benchtop, forehead ... where ever a reminder might work. Wear a City shirt. Show the colours.

Be there if you care. It's your cricket future.

Apologies to Acting Secretary, Deb Batley

The following input comes from Tony Higgins ...

"I would suggest that the meeting be done as early as possible so that people know their roles and any strategies that need to be put in place can be acted on early.

If done in late July , that would leave only a possible 8 to 9 weeks before the season starts, and i think we all agree that the club needs to hit the ground running. Publicise that we will be having club training at the indoor centre for the club, possibly on Sunday mornings leading up to the season. Other clubs start building their season early and i think that is something we should look at.

Sort the captains out early and also find out who is available this season.
Discuss the possibility of a training co- ordinater for the weekday training sessions and renumeration for that person. Training has to be a lot more structured and more intensity needed. This person would only run the training and not considered club coach unless suitably accredited. We cannot have 1st grade bowlers bowling to 3rd grade batsman all afternoon, this serves no purpose to either party, we need structure in this area.

Forming of a proper social committee and not leaving it up to one or two people all the time, book in early social events and put on website in advance so people can have no excuses.

These are only my thoughts on some matters, but get things sorted out early or it will be rush rush and things will be overlooked, may as well do it properly.

The meeting does not have to be on a Wednesday night, Monday and Tuesday nights also work, people have to sacrifice a little sometimes to attend these important nights.

Cheers Higgo"