Monday, August 29, 2016

Sign On Day

The new cricket season is fast approaching.

All current players and any new/interested players are welcome to attend our Sign On Day this Sunday 4 September from 2-4pm at the Tamworth Golf Club. 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Send Off for Geoff Newling

The Northern Daily Leader Sports Editor, Geoff Newling will soon bow out with redundancy after 30 years of excellent sports coverage.  This will be a great loss to regional sports journalism and especially for all who have benefited in their sporting bodies from his efforts, often above and beyond the call of duty.

You are invited to attend an Appreciation Sendoff Function, details as follows –

·      6 for 6:30pm – Friday, July 29
·      Tamworth Jockey Club Function Centre
·      $25 per head (covering finger food) – pay on arrival.

·  Prior bookings necessary for catering purposes. If interested, contact Mike Cashman (67658610) no later than Monday, July 25
·   The bar will be open.
Anecdotes welcome from the floor.                              

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Office Bearers

City United Cricket Club held its annual general meeting on Tuesday 28 June, 2016.

Office bearers for the new cricket season 2016/2017 are as follows:

President:   Anthony Fitzgerald
Secretary:   Andrew Rodgers
Treasurer:   Mark Fisher

Paul Lawrence, Kathy Lawrence and Daniel Lawrence were also elected onto the Board.

Congratulations to all members elected.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Annual General Meeting

The AGM for City United Cricket Club is to be held on Tuesday 28 June, 2016 from 6.30pm at the Tamworth Golf Club.

All executive positions will be available to election.

We would welcome any players, supporters and their families to come along to the meeting.  

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Presentation Night

Just a reminder of the invitation for City United players and supporters to attend our presentation night to be held on Friday 8 April, 2016 from 6.30pm at the Tamworth Golf Club.

Tickets for a 2 course meal cost $27 per head; children under 12 yrs of age @ $11.

We need final numbers by the end of this week so if you are interested, please contact Dan Whale on 0423 918389 as soon as possible.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Outstanding Fees

Fees for season 2015/2016 are now overdue.

Where possible, we have tried to contact individual players either by email or text message to advise of any outstanding amount.

Payment by no later than Friday 8 April, 2016 would be appreciated.

Should you have any difficulties with payment, kindly contact the Treasurer Mark Fisher on 0402 783931 to discuss.

Payments can be made to the account of City United Cricket Club with the Greater Building Society as follows:

BSB:  637 000
Account:   7206 74874
Kindly leave your surname as a reference.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Presentation Night

City United will be holding a Presentation Night at the Tamworth Golf Club on Friday 8 April from 6.30pm.  All are welcome to attend.

Cost is $27 per head for 2 courses.  Children under 12yrs @ $11.

We  require numbers by no later than Wednesday 30 March. So please contact Dan Whale by phoning 0423 918389 or leave a message on our Facebook page.  Payment can be made at the door on the night.

We would love to see you all there.

For any person who currently has a perpetual trophy, please contact Anthony Fitzgerald on 0401 177209 to arrange for its return.

Friday, February 26, 2016

City United's Fourth Grade Team

Like father, like son: City united for common cause

TONIGHT’S Tamworth fourth grade one-day final will be a real family affair for City United.
City United fourth grade’s fathers and sons. (Back from left) Kevin Attard, Russell Pitt, Andrew Rodgers, Peter Mead, Peter Holmes, Les Wallace.  (Front from left)   Joshua Attard, Noah Pitt, Liam Rodgers, Joey Mead, Matthew Holmes, James Wallace and, sitting, Oscar Spinks.   Photo: Gareth Gardner 250216GGG01
City United fourth grade’s fathers and sons. (Back from left) Kevin Attard, Russell Pitt, Andrew Rodgers, Peter Mead, Peter Holmes, Les Wallace. (Front from left) Joshua Attard, Noah Pitt, Liam Rodgers, Joey Mead, Matthew Holmes, James Wallace and, sitting, Oscar Spinks. Photo: Gareth Gardner 250216GGG01
All bar one of the side is a father and son.
They’ve got six father-son pairings – captain Peter Mead and son Joey, Russell and Noah Pitt, Kevin and Josh Attard, Peter and Matthew Holmes, Andrew and Liam Rodgers and Les and James Wallace.
Oscar Spinks rounds out the side, which will take on Old Boys for the silverware.
Mead described it as a “once in a lifetime” opportunity and said  regardless of what happens tonight they’ll be savouring it – well the dads will anyway.
He dropped down to fourth grade this year so he could play with Joey.
“It’s a special experience. Probably first and last for some of us,” he said.
“Some of the kids may move up next year.”
So might some of the fathers.
A couple of them have made comebacks this season to have the opportunity to play with their sons.
In some cases the juniors are outshining their dads, not that they mind.
“We want to go home at the end of the day with the kids having had the most opportunities they can,” Mead said.
The mix seems to be working too, with City currently leading the fourth grade overall standings, albeit by less than a point from Old Boys.
The two look set to be combatants again in the major semi-final, with North Tamworth in third another 11 points back.
Mead said they would be looking to use tonight as a springboard for the finals.
They’ve first got to finish off Bective East. They go into the second day in a strong position, thanks in large part to another century from Noah Pitt.
“From all reports it was magnificent,” Mead said.
He didn’t actually get to see it, being called in for fielding service for first grade, but heard that he only gave one chance and that was after he got to 100.
Pitt senior didn’t do too badly either.
He hit 40-odd and has, with Noah, formed a handy opening partnership for them.
Mead said  in all his time in cricket he’s not heard of six fathers and sons playing in the same side, and felt the club deserved some of the credit.
“City rates their juniors highly,” he said.
“This is a showcase of that.”
The final will be played at No.1 Oval starting at 5pm.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

One Day Final

This Friday night 26 February will see our mighty 4th Grade side led by Peter Mead take on Old Boys in the one day final.

The game starts at 5.00pm at No. 1 Oval.

We would like to see as many of our players as possible down at the ground to support our team of father & sons.

There will be refreshments & a BBQ for City supporters.

Hope to see you all there.

Go City.....

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Team Selections

Teams named to play Bective in a two day game Saturday 20 & 27 February, 2016.

Players are asked to be at their respective grounds by no later than 12.30pm.  

If anyone is available or unavailable to play either day of the game, please contact Anthony Fitzgerald on 0401 177209 or Simon Hood on 0423 470357 ASAP.

1st Grade - No. 1 Oval
Simon Toyer (capt), Tait Jordan, Tom Fitzgerald, Pat Dwyer, Lachlan Cooke, Dan Whale, Andrew Baines, Nathan Keam, Will White, Josh Bennie/Jis Sebastien, one more to be added

2nd Grade - Riverside 3
Mark Fisher (capt), John Miskle, Brody Blackett-Gregg, Wayne Lillicrap, Matthew Lillicrap, Sam Taylor, Graeme Schwenke, Brett Walsh, Lachlan Mackiewicz/Phillip Windle, Titu Alias, Nithin John

3rd Grade - Chauvel Park
Tim Paynter (capt), Josh Cooke, Eddie Beattie, Mark Chew, Paul Lawrence/Paul Fisher, Lachlan Sharples, Brock Dunn, Jack Maunder, Harrison Thompson, TBA/Doug Truman, Oscar Spinks

4th Grade - Riverside 6
Peter Mead (capt), Kevin Attard, Josh Attard, Peter Holmes, Matt Holmes, Andrew Rodgers, Liam Rodgers, Russell Pitt, Noah Pitt, Les Wallace, James Wallace

All players and their supporters are invited back to the Tamworth Golf Club at the end of the day's play.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Team Selections

Teams to take on Souths in a 2 day match to be played on Saturday 6 and 13 February, 2016.
Players are asked to be at their respective grounds by no later than 12.30pm ready for 1pm start.

1st Grade at Riverside 2
Simon Toyer (capt) ph. 0413 352392, Dan Lawrence, Lachlan Cooke, Tom Fitzgerald, Josh Bennie, Tait Jordan/Will White, Liam Dunn, Nathan Keam, Dan Rogers/Dan Whale, Mackenzie Morison, Andrew Baines

2nd Grade at TREC
Mark Fisher (capt) ph. 0402 931783, John Miskle, Phillip Windle, Sam Taylor, Matthew Lillicrap, Wayne Lillicrap, Will White/Dan Rogers, Glenn Ryan/Brett Walsh, Nithin John, Titu Alias, Graeme Schwenke, Ben Cederblad

3rd Grade at Belmore
Tim Paynter (capt)/Anthony Fitzgerald ph. 0418 483406, Robbie Gregg/TBA, Brody Blackett-Gregg/TBA, Mark Chew/TBA, Jesse Aiken/TBA, Paul Fisher/TBA, Doug Truman, Paul Lawrence, Josh Cooke, Eddie Beattie, Brock Dunn, Lachlan Sharples

4th Grade at Riverside 9
Peter Mead (capt) ph. 0427 603558, Joey Mead, Russell Pitt, Noah Pitt, James Wallace, Les Wallace, Kevin Attard, Joshua Attard, Mathew Holmes, Peter Holmes, Liam Rodgers/Oscar Spinks, Andrew Rodgers/Nick Mead

If anyone is unavailable, please contact your captain ASAP.

All players and supporters are invited back to the Tamworth Golf Club for a quiet drink at the end of the day's play.

Trivia Night

Old Boys are holding a Trivia Night on Saturday 20 February, 2016 at the North Tamworth Bowling Club.  Time 7pm for a 7.30pm start.

Entry is $10 per person for a total of 8 people per table.

All proceeds raised will go to the McGrath Foundation.

For bookings contact Scott on 0407 934643 or email

Friday, January 29, 2016

Games Cancelled due to rain

Please note that Council has closed all grounds for the weekend as they are too wet.  All cricket has been CANCELLED so enjoy your free weekend.

Training will resume on Tuesday afternoon at Riverside 1 and Wednesday afternoon at Riverside 2.  

On a brighter note, congratulations to Fourth Grade who have qualified for the one day final.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

No Games This Weekend

All players please note that there are no games of cricket this Saturday 23 January, 2016 because of the ongoing Country Music Festival.

The next game will be a 1 dayer played against Old Boys on Saturday 30 January for all four grades.

Training will resume next Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Game Day

All games for 1st grade and 2nd grade today at TREC have been cancelled.

Third grade is still ON at Riverside 7, however, the start of play has been put back until 1.00pm. All players are required at the ground by no later than 12.30pm.

So lets all get along today and support Third grade.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Team Selections

Team selections for 1 day games to be played against Wests tomorrow 16 January, 2016.

1st Grade - TREC game commencing 1.30pm
Players are required at the ground by no later than 1.00pm.
Simon Toyer (capt) ph. 0413 352392,  Dan Whale, Daniel Lawrence, Mackenzie Morison, Nathan Keam, Tom Fitzgerald, Lachlan Cooke, Tait Jordan, Robbie Gregg, Brody Blackett-Gregg, one more to be added

2nd Grade - TREC game commencing at 8.30am
Players are required at the ground by no later than 8.00am
Mark Fisher (capt) ph. 0402 931783, Dan Rogers, Phillip Windle, Graeme Schwenke, Matthew Lillicrap, Sam Taylor, Titu Alias, Josh Strange, Wayne Lillicrap, Jis Sebastian, Amit Kumar

3rd Grade - Riverside 7 game commencing at 10.00am
Players are required at the ground by no later than 9.30am
Tim Paynter (capt) ph. 0418 483406, Paul Lawrence, Kevin Attard, Joshua Attard, Andrew Rodgers, Liam Rodgers, James Wallace, Les Wallace, Mark Chew, Eddie Beattie, Lachlan Sharples, Doug Truman

All players & supporters are invited back to the Tamworth Golf Club at the end of the day's play for a quiet drink.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Country Music Festival Update

All local cricket clubs are required to assist the Tamworth District Cricket Association in operating the canteen during the country music festival.

City United is scheduled to assist with the cooking of bacon & egg rolls for breakfast on the mornings of Friday 15 and Saturday 23 January from 7.00-9.30am.  In all 3 people are required to assist with each cooking session.  If you are able to help out, please contact Anthony Fitzgerald on 0401 177209 as soon as possible.

In addition, City United is required to man the boom gates on Friday 22 January from 6.00pm to 6.00am Saturday morning.  Again if you are able to assist, please give Anthony a call.

This weekend will see City United take on Wests in a one day game.  Please note the change in starting times of games - 1st Grade 1.30pm at TREC, 2nd Grade 8.30am at TREC and 3rd Grade 10.00am at Riverside 5. If you haven't already done so, please let your grade captain know of your availability for this weekend's games.

Training is on this afternoon at Riverside 2 nets from 5pm.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Quirindi Super 8s

Quirindi Cricket Association is once again holding a 20/20 cricket carnival on the weekend of 23 & 24 January, 2016.

Teams of 8 are required.

All team nominations to Phil Sevil ph 0427 463210.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wanted - Help with Cricket Coaching Clinic

Shaun Brown's Cricket Coaching is once again coming to Tamworth and they are looking to local clubs for players interested in helping out with their coaching clinics.  This is a paid position with hours of 9am-3pm.

The clinic will run in Tamworth on 25 & 26 January.

If anyone is interested, simply log onto and fill in your details.