Friday, October 24, 2014

More players than a rugby team

Our 2nd Grade side for this coming match against Bective East has 16 players named, add to this the Scorer/manager and that makes 17 ready to take the field. More than enough for  a Rugby team.

Mark Fisher 0402931783, Dave Smith (1st week)/Jacob Hawley (2nd week), John Miskle (1st week)/ Tom Fitzgerald (2nd week), Rod Pryor, Dan Rogers, Glen Ryan (1st week)/ Lachlan Cooke (2nd week), Josh Bennie, Pat Dwyer, Simon Bellamy, James Fisk(1st week)/ Terry Kampe (2nd week), Jinto Joseph, Jake Philp. Scorer/Manager Pillip Hood

 It reminds me of a true story, told to me.
A cricket umpire died and went to heaven, sporting a stump in his chest. Stopped by St Peter at the gates he was told that only brave people who had performed heroic deeds and had the courage of their convictions could enter. If the umpire could describe a situation in his life where he had shown these characteristics, he would be allowed in.
“Well,” said the umpire, “I was umpiring a match between the Bective Bulls and City Rebels at TREC. The Bective team only needed one wicket, while the City Rebels side only needed two runs for victory. When the ball was hit high in the air the batsmen crossed but the catch was taken. City Rebels were clearly the better side all game, they played in the right spirit of the game and deserved that win, I ruled it a NO-BALL and awarded the match to the City Rebels.”
“OK, that was very brave and noble of you, but I will have to check it in the book.” says Peter, and disappears to look it up. When he comes back he says “Sorry, there is no record of this. Can you help me to trace it? When did all this happen?”
The Umpire looked at his watch and replied “45 seconds ago.”
GOOOOOOOO may your chapter of the story told of this match be a telling one CITY

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Club and TDCA NEWS.

This coming weekend’s match is a start of a two-day match against Bective East. Selection and training will be held this afternoon from 5pm at Riverside 2 nets.
In TDCA news, any City players who have nominated for the upcoming T20 competition are reminded that selections will take place tonight from 6.30pm at Butch Southwell House?  There will be a free BBQ and drinks for nominated players.

Results from last weekends matches.
1st Grade - War Veterans Cup Rd 1 v Souths played on Saturday
City won the toss and elected to bat first.
City were dismissed for a total of 111 runs in the 37th over.
Best batting:  Simon Toyer 18 runs, Dan Lawrence 16 runs, Terry Kampe 15 runs
In reply Souths hit 3/114 in 21 overs.
Best bowling:  Simon Toyer 1/25 off 3 overs

1st Grade - War Veterans Cup Rd 2 v Old Boys played on Sunday
City lost the toss and bowled first.
Old Boys hit 7/330 off their 50 overs.
Best bowling:  Jack McVey 4/62 off 10 overs.
In reply City were dismissed for a total of 189 runs in the 47th over.
Best batting:  Simon Toyer 64 runs, Dan Whale 46 runs.
It was a tough weekend for the guys having to play two games of cricket. Even though they suffered two losses, the guys gave their all and went down fighting valiantly.

Games for the rest of the grades played against Norths
2nd Grade:
City lost the toss and bowled first.
Norths were dismissed for a total of 124 runs in the 34th over.
Best bowling:  Josh Bennie 5/23 off 8 overs, Pat Dwyer 2/15 off 4.4 overs.
In reply City were dismissed for a total of 86 runs in the 28th over.
Best batting:  Dave Weekes 21 runs, Rod Pryor 14 runs, Mark Fisher 13 runs.
Congratulations to Josh on taking the first 5 wicket haul for City for the season.  And a timely return to cricket for Weekesy.

3rd Grade:
City lost the toss and bowled first.
Norths were dismissed for a total of 150 runs in the 37th over.
Best bowling:  Corey Pannowitz 3/28 off 8 overs; Joseph Jinto 3/34 off 8 overs.
In reply City were dismissed for a total of 75 runs in the 29th over.
Best batting:  Tom Fitzgerald 32 runs N/O, Trent Balderston 15 runs.
Tom batted nearly through the whole innings before running out of partners.  Still a gallant effort for a team playing with only 10 players.

 4th Grade:
City lost the toss and batted first.
City hit 9/191 off their 40 overs.
Best batting:  Neil Cooke 100 runs, Robbie Gregg 36 runs N/O, Josh Cooke 16 runs.
In reply Norths hit 6/164 off their 40 overs.
Best bowling:  Robbie Gregg 2/21 off 8 overs, Brody Gregg 2/59 off 8 overs.Congratulations to Cookey for hitting the first ton of the season.  Also a good all-round performance from captain Gregg.

Congratulations to you Neil on your Century, your boys have something to chase down now.
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thank you, Nikki for a wonderful report CITY

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


If you are one for personal player statistics then MY CRICKET is the place to go, just click on “City Stats” on the right hand column of our web page. You will find everything to want to know about averages and aggregates for yourself and fellow City players. There is even the competition table available to keep track of and a whole lot more.


Monday, October 20, 2014

The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY

The good, the bad and the ugly was the story from 2nd Grades match on Saturday.

The GOOD was Joshua Bennie taking five wickets for 23 runs from his eight overs, outstanding!!!!! two of his wickets were caught and bowled.
The BAD could have been possibly Sugar’s uncanny resemblance to the character Walter White aka “Heisenberg” from the TV show ""Breaking bad"
The UGLY was after a wonderful bowling and fielding effort to have Norths all out for a small total of 124 runs, we let a great opportunity slip by being bowled out ourselves with a smaller total of 86.
GOOOOOOOOOO we will get them next time CITY