Saturday, November 10, 2012

Still on

Today's matches will commence as usual from 1pm. All players are requested to be their grounds at 12.30. All the best to all players and GOOOOOOOOO CITY

Friday, November 9, 2012

Back to school for the younger ones.

 On Saturday we had Souths nine down for not that many, out came their number 11 batsman with pads on the wrong legs without a hat looking as if he knew he wouldn't be here for long. I said to our young keeper " here comes a "Bunny", he started to looked all around the place. I asked him "What are you looking". He replied "Looking for that rabbit were talking about".  

For all you juniors coming through City-  While most lower order batsmen would be expected to occasionally score some useful runs, a bunny is someone dismissed cheaply everytime.
Now a ferret, refers to a batsman even worse than a bunny (as in the wild, "a ferret goes in after a bunny.")
GOOOOOOO hope never to be know as a ferret CITY

Our quiet achiever

Jack McVey has been a major part of 2nd Grade bowling attack over a number of years now for City during that time he has been recognized and been awarded with major personal trophies along the way. He turns up each week with not much fuss but still puts in for his team.
On Saturday at Riverside 1 in First Grade he was rewarded for his dedication when he was able to show his skill with the ball in hand with the impressing figures of 3/22 off 13 overs; His captain Dan Whale talked up the bowling effort showed by this young man, who is new to First Grade. The jump of standard of cricket from Seconds to First Grade can catch allot of young players out. Jack has worked hard for these figures and deserves the praise from his captain and fellow club mates. Jack's biggest fan and supporter is his mum who sits quietly out the back encouraging her boy.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Yummy Yummy

After Saturdays play, the Club will be supplying SUBWAY back at the City Bowling Club. All you can eat for $5 or $10 for families. If you have not already received your SUBWAY discount card, they can be collected from Nikki? The card is valid at either one of the three SUBWAY stores in Tamworth.
GOOOOOOO "eat fresh" CITY

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Training this afternoon

Training continues as normal this afternoon commencing at 5pm at Riverside 2 nets weather permitting. A few showers are predicted over new few days leading into the weekend, so stay tuned to our web site for any updates.
GOOOOOOOO train as you wish to play CITY

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The race that stops an nation.

Due to the Melbourne Cup there will be no fielding training at No1 Oval this Afternoon.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Look who is only a single run from a half century.

On Saturday night, City surprised the President by presenting him with a birthday cake, later this week he hits a half century, (If only his batting average was that high). He was humbled by the the kind words spoken by Peter Mead on behalf of the club. He thanked everyone for their best wishes and after blowing out the candles express his birthday wish was that City fulfils its season's "GOAL" which is having all four grades playing in the semi-finals at the end of the season.
GOOOOOOOO with hard work and playing some good cricket we can our achieve "GOAL" CITY

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Results from day one games against Souths played Sat 3 Nov,

First Grade: City won the toss and elected to bat on a rather green wicket.
City were dismissed for a total of 65 runs in 25 overs. Best batting:  Scott Hulbert 34 runs.
In reply Souths finished the day at 9/136 in the 45th over. Best bowling:  Jack McVey 3/22 off 13 overs; Jade Thompson 3/45 off 11 overs; Julian Hulbert 1/28 off 10.5 overs; Pat Dwyer 1/14 off 6 overs.
Second Grade: City won the toss and elected to bat first.
City were dismissed for a total of 116 runs in their 1st innings in the 33rd over. Best batting:  Daniel Lawrence 24 runs; Paul Fisher 23 runs.
In reply Souths were dismissed for a total of 76 runs in the 32nd over. Best bowling:  Aaron Dennis 5/32 off 16 overs; Simon Bellamy 4/19 off 9.4 overs; Sam Brown 1/22 off 6 overs.
City commenced their 2nd innings and finished the day at 2/12 off 10 overs. City takes first innings’ point.
Third Grade: City lost the toss and were sent out to field.
Souths were dismissed for a total of 150 runs in the 47th over. Best bowling:   Terry Kampe 3/23 off 8 overs; Andy Jarrett 2/36 off 14 overs; Josh Bennie 2/16 off 4 overs.
In reply City finished the day at 7/164 off 32 overs. Best batting:   Cory Callcott 63 runs; Terry Kampe 39 runs.
City takes first innings’ points.
Fourth Grade: City lost the toss and were sent out to field.
Souths were dismissed for a total of 113 runs in the 67th over. Best bowling:  Tim Skewes 3/11 off 9.1 overs; Tom Fitzgerald 3/18 off 10 overs; Eddie Beattie 2/15 off 14 overs.
In reply City finished the day at 1/35 off 13 overs. Best batting:  Anthony Fitzgerald 27 runs N/O.
First innings points are still in the balance.
GOOOOOO alot of cricket yet to be played with big points up for grabs CITY