Friday, November 9, 2012

Back to school for the younger ones.

 On Saturday we had Souths nine down for not that many, out came their number 11 batsman with pads on the wrong legs without a hat looking as if he knew he wouldn't be here for long. I said to our young keeper " here comes a "Bunny", he started to looked all around the place. I asked him "What are you looking". He replied "Looking for that rabbit were talking about".  

For all you juniors coming through City-  While most lower order batsmen would be expected to occasionally score some useful runs, a bunny is someone dismissed cheaply everytime.
Now a ferret, refers to a batsman even worse than a bunny (as in the wild, "a ferret goes in after a bunny.")
GOOOOOOO hope never to be know as a ferret CITY

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