Friday, November 9, 2012

Our quiet achiever

Jack McVey has been a major part of 2nd Grade bowling attack over a number of years now for City during that time he has been recognized and been awarded with major personal trophies along the way. He turns up each week with not much fuss but still puts in for his team.
On Saturday at Riverside 1 in First Grade he was rewarded for his dedication when he was able to show his skill with the ball in hand with the impressing figures of 3/22 off 13 overs; His captain Dan Whale talked up the bowling effort showed by this young man, who is new to First Grade. The jump of standard of cricket from Seconds to First Grade can catch allot of young players out. Jack has worked hard for these figures and deserves the praise from his captain and fellow club mates. Jack's biggest fan and supporter is his mum who sits quietly out the back encouraging her boy.

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