Sunday, July 10, 2011

2011 Annual Presidents Report

There where many great moments that we can all reflect on with pride and satisfaction. To name a few, our Bowls night was one of the best, the way first grade conducted themselves on the field. Making Tamworth City Bowling Club our "HOME". Our first graders day/night uniforms with so many supporters there watch and cheer them on and last but not least our very successfull Presentation Night.

Our sponsors are very important to our club and the biggest of all our Major Sponsor the Tamworth City Bowling Club. A big thank you must go to Damon, his Board and the Members of the Tamworth City Bowling Club as they have all made us feel very welcome and at home at this great venue. Our other sponsors who we are very grateful for are Monogram It, Addmi Espresso, IJ & JB Kelaher - Pura Milk, Six Nines Imagery, South Eagle Boys and AM Printing Services.

Special thanks must go to Claude Orenstein for his tireless work over many years at City United. His Life Membership was very well deserved. I must also show my appreciation to my fellow commitee members, they have all worked hard to ensure City United continues to be a well run club. They are our members that work behind the scenes, without much reward but without there time and efforts City couldn't continue.

Lets all work together for an even a bigger and stonger season ahead.

Terry Skewes