Saturday, February 23, 2013

All matches are off

All matches for all grades set down for today have been cancelled. All matches will now convert to One-Day matches new week.
Tomorrow's Day/ Nighter at No1 is still on at this stage, a final decision will be made tomorrow.

Turf matches off, synthetic still undecided.

The TDCA has informed City that all turf matches, set down for today have been cancelled. These matches will convert to One-Day matches next week.

 The TDCA will make a decision before 11 O'Clock on the 3rd and 4th Grade matches which are on synthetic wickets. Stay tuned for the decision, as it will be posted as soon as it comes to hand.

A decision on Sunday's Day/Nighter will be made later.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOO duckie loves this kind of weather CITY

Friday, February 22, 2013

Playing Squad to play the Tamworth Veterans Team.

 City 4th Grade squad to play under lights at No1 Oval this Sunday against the Tamworth Veterans team.  Paul Lawrence (C), Terry Skewes, Nick Stacey, Paul Hagley, Trent Balderston, Scotty Hurn, Graham Schwenke, Tom Fitzgerald, Anthony Fitzgerald, Ron Benjamin, Eddie Beattie, Tim Paynter, Cooper Thompson, Mark Chew, Doug Truman. Reverses David Smith, Rodney Pryor. Match starts at 4pm.  Normal City playing shirt and long trousers are to be worn. Umpires appointed for this match Simon Hood & Gary Whale. Dinner will be provided at the change of Innes. A small donation of $10 from each player will cover the cost of running the lights and dinner.
GOOOOOOOOO hitting a six at No 1 onto the roof of Target, how good would that be, yes yes I know but I can still dream CITY

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Teams to play Old Boys

City United teams to play Old Boys in a Two-Day match this Saturday 23rd & 2nd March. All players are requested to be at their prospective grounds by 12.30. If any player is unavailable please contact your captain.

It's the business end to the Season. City teams are fighting to make the semi-finals. Best of luck to all players and teams.

A BBQ will be available back at City Bowling Club after the match.

1st Grade No 1 Oval: Dan Whale (C) 0423918389, Aaron Dennis, Jack McVey, Scott Hulbert, Daniel Lawrence/Ben Simmler, Richard O'Hallorane, Scott DeWeyman, Simon Toyer, Ben Chew, Terry Kampe, Chris Langston,

2nd Grade Riverside 3: Paul Fisher (C) 0429654808, David Weeks/Sean Hancock, Simon Bellamy, Pat Dwyer, Neil Cooke,  Doug Truman/Daniel Rogers,  Adam Ryan, Shel Ravi, Mark Fisher,, Brett Walsh, Jake Philp, Sam Brown/Richard Ingram

3rd Grade Riverside 7:, Peter Mead (C) 0427603558, Cory Callcott, Matt Ballentine, Ben Ballentine, Lochlan Cooke, John Miskle, Josh Bennie/Andy Jarrett, Tait Jordan, Rob Mills/Glen Ryan,  Paul Lawrence, David Smith, Rodney Pryor.

4th Grade Riverside 4: Terry Skewes 0407467012, Nick Stacey, Paul HagleyTrent Balderston, Scotty Hurn, Graham Schwenke, Tom Fitzgerald, Anthony Fitzgerald, Gary Whale/Ron Benjamin, Eddie Beattie, Tim Paynter, Cooper Thompson,  Mark Chew.

GOOOOOOOO strong teams, so much to play for, I can not wait CITY

The Baggy Green

 Once I even dared to dream
I’d one day wear the Baggy Green.
As Dad gave me my first small bat
I wish it came with the bottle green hat.

I dreamt I wore it sitting high
and plundered runs as the years went by.
As other interests came and went
the dream of the Baggy Green never went.

But now alas, I have a son
and the Baggy Green was never won.
When he was younger he'd dream
 long and hard as I once did, for the Baggy Green.

I now watch him play for his City side      
And as he strides to the crease
I sit and close my eyes
and think of those men who’ve
worn the Baggy Green.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO just for the love of it CITY

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It will standing room only at No1 Oval come Sunday Night.

This Sunday will see a City 4th Grade squad play under lights at No1 Oval against the Tamworth Veterans team (the team has some both NSW and Australian Repersentatives) for the Annual "Don't call me old, I just move a bit slower than I use to" Shield. If you are after some entertainment on Sunday, you are welcome to come down and watch, it should be a gigantic and enthralling match. Match starts at 4pm and will need to be finished before 10 o'clock as it will pass most of our bed times.  The Tamworth team currently holds the shield and I know that the City boys are up for a big one.      

This Sunday, Ron will be swaping his Sunday's best for his whites.
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO we play just for the love of it CITY

Monday, February 18, 2013

The weekend that was.

Jake McVey took 4 for 27 runs and Ben Chew scored 11 runs, were both part of the winning  War Veterans Cup Final played on Sunday against Gunnedah.
And don't forget Ben Semmilar was "Man of the Match" in the MA Connolly Cup win on Sunday. He scored 24 with the bat and then back that up with 2 for 46 from his 10 overs.


In the Grade matches it was all happening.

Ist Grade fought bravely to the end. 1st Grade has its final match for the season, it’s Grand Final against Old Boys this coming weekend.

In 2nd Grade the team once again was in the match till the final wicket. Tezza Kampe showed his all-round ability with a 5 wicket haul.

Congratulations 3rd Grade for being the Minor Premiers. It could have been called a few matches ago but after Saturdays win it is official. The player with the biggest smile back at the Bowling Club after the match was Rodney Pryor who took the match winning and Minor Premiership catch.

4th Grade walked away with its first Outright points of the season. A big match for City, lies ahead as it fights for the Minor Premiership for this Grade on Saturday.  What about that “No-ball”?, even that could not stop us from our victory.
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Training tomorrow from 5pm, see you there CITY


Results from Rd 14 games played against Bective on 9 & 16 February, 2013

My "Man of the Match" Chewy with his beautiful 92 runs
1st Grade: To recap, on day 1 City were dismissed for a total of 160 runs. Best batting:  Ben Chew 92 runs.
Bective resumed batting on day 2 at 0/100 and declared their innings closed at 4/303 off 60 overs.
Best bowling:  Jack McVey 1/52 off 15 overs; Ben Semmler 1/64 off 17 overs; Richie O'Halloran 1/33 off 5 overs.
City went in to bat a second time and were 1/55 off 13.4 overs when play was abandoned due to rain.
Best batting:  Richie O'Halloran 33 runs N/O.

 My "Man of the Match" Lango on his 46 runs
2nd Grade: To recap, on day 1 City were dismissed for a total of 183 runs. Best batting:  Adam Ryan 48 runs; Chris Langston 46 runs.

Bective resumed their innings on day 2 at 1/47 and were dismissed for a total of 190 runs in the 63rd over. Best bowling:Terry Kampe 5/31 off 17 overs; Neil Cooke 2/25 off 11 overs.
City went in to bat a second time and declared their innings closed at 9/116 off 25 overs.
Best batting:Sam Brown 30 runs; Chris Langston 16 runs; Adam Ryan 16 runs.3rd Grade: At the completion of day 1, City were dismissed for a total of 224 runs. Best batting:  Tait Jordan 96 runs; Peter Mead 36 runs.

My "Man of the match" goes to, photo shy Tait for his 96 runs
Bective began batting on day 2 and were dismissed for a total of 166 runs in the 66th over. Best bowling:  Brett Walsh 2/38 off 20 overs; Lachie Cooke 2/33 off 9 overs; Peter Mead 2/18 off 10 overs; Trent Balderston 2/11 off 3 overs.
City went in to bat a second time and finished the day's play at 3/28 off 15 overs.
City won on first innings.

4th Grade:To recap, on day 1 Bective were dismissed for a total of 76 runs.

My "Man of the Match  Scotty with a unbeaten 87.
Best bowling:  Paul Lawrence 2/8 off 3 overs; Paul Hagley 2/13 off 8 overs; Eddie Beattie 2/1 off 1 over.
City resumed their innings on day 2 at 5/120 and declared their innings closed at 9/229 off 65 overs.Best batting:  Scott Hurn 87 runs N/O; Anthony Fitzgerald 40 runs.
Bective went in to bat a second time and were dismissed for a total of 90 runs in the 41st over.
Best bowling:  Terry Skewes 4/4 off 7.2 overs; Eddie Beattie 3/7 off 8 overs.
City won outright and on first innings. GOOOOOOOOOOO well done to all our City players CITY