Monday, October 29, 2012

Final results from day 2 matches against Wests played on Saturday

It was a weekend of mixed results for City United taking home 2 wins and 2 losses.  First Grade came through with their first win of the season.  And the mighty Fourth Grade team continued on their winning way, also.
1st Grade:  Wests were dismissed for 167. City resumed their innings at 3/88.  They were finally dismissed in the 85th over for a total of 216 runs & taking first innings points.
Best batting:  Scott de Weymarn 70 runs; Simon Toyer 46 runs N/O; Jade Thompson 23 runs;
With overs left in the day’s play, Wests batted a second time and hit 4/117 off 21 overs. Best bowling:   Jade Thompson 3/54 off 8 overs; Julian Hulbert 1/48 off 9 overs.
This was the first win of the season for First Grade  (their first win in a 2 day game for a couple of years).  It was great to see our English recruit, Scott hitting a good score.  Sadly the win came at a cost with injuries to Jake Philp, Aaron Dennis & Daniel Lawrence.  We wish them all a speedy recovery.
2nd Grade: Wests were dismissed for 204 runs. City resumed their innings at 4/64.  They were dismissed for a total of 162 runs in the 61st over. Best batting:   Adam Ryan 54 runs; Sean Hancock 30 runs; Dave Weekes 19 runs; Paul Fisher 17 runs; John Miskle 15 runs.
Wests commenced a second innings and finished the game with a total of 6/121 off 35 overs. Best bowling:  Simon Bellamy 1/30 off 10 overs; Pat Dwyer 1/18 off 5 overs; Glenn Ryan 1/11 off 5 overs; Neil Cooke 1/11 off 3 overs; Dave Weekes 1/ 4 off 2 overs.
3rd Grade: Wests declared their innings closed at 5/290. City resumed their innings at 1/33 before being dismissed for a total of 245 runs in the 57th over. Best batting:  Tait Jordan 51 runs N/O; Cory Callcott 34 runs; Terry Kampe 34 runs; Matt Ballantine 29 runs; Graeme Schwenke 24 runs; Andy Jarrett 22 runs.
4th Grade: City finished the day 6/296 off their 80 overs. City started the day in the field with Wests to begin their first innings. Wests were dismissed for a total of 189 runs in 46 overs.
Best bowling:   Eddie Beattie 3/24 off 7 overs; Tom Fitzgerald 2/1 off 4 overs; Terry Skewes 2/19 off 7 overs; Nick Stacey 1/31 off 10 overs; Ron Benjamin 1/23 off 3 overs.
City enforced the follow-on with West batting a second time and ending the day at 2/75 off 25 overs. Best bowling: Tom Fitzgerald 1/19 off 5 overs; Gary Whale 1/3 off 1 over.
GOOOOOOOO has 4th grade found a new spinner in Garry Whale CITY

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