Saturday, November 27, 2010

4th Grade v Old Boys at Minor League 2, 27/11/10

Old Boys 141 (Tim Hunt 2-35, Max Cullen 1-16 & Neil Cooke 1-18 both off 8 overs) defeated City United 133 (Tim Hunt 32, Adam Ballantine 23, Neil Cooke 15, Tait Jordan 13) by 8 runs
After losing by 10 runs chasing last week, heartbreak again for the 4ths with a loss by 8 runs with an over to spare. A great bowling performance to restrict Old Boys to a catchable target and at 3-69 they were right in the game. A collapse saw all hope gone at 9-107 but someone forgot to tell the No 11, young Payter that. He might still be growing but his heart is big enough. He pushed singles whilst Ballantine swung lustily and they pair added 26 for the last wicket and that agonisingly close loss. Well played 4th Grade. There has to be a win just around the corner.

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