Friday, July 23, 2010

A Tale of Two Cities

City United Cricket Club is pleased to announce a new major sponsor which now becomes our home in Tamworth. The Tamworth City Bowling Club have agreed to provide the club with wonderful facilities up on Napier St, at the top end on Anzac Park, in return for our patronage and exclusive use of their club for our social gatherings.

For City United members, the City Bowling Club has a very pleasant BBQ area which will be available every competition day for us to gather and recount the events of the afternoon. They also have an excellent restaurant which will cater for all tastes and will provide tucker for those after game Saturdays when we don't operate the BBQ. Our players, of all ages, will be welcome to sit inside as well, where there will be plenty of space for us to be one group. Downstairs there is a meeting room which is available for those more structured gatherings and space is available for the display of trophies and memorabilia. Our scores and even action photos will be placed on the in-house TV display system.

This means a return to weekly get togethers, plays of the day and the good times to be had when mates can meet together.

This is a great step forward for your club. Show your support for the decision by attending our next meeting, to be held at the Tamworth City Bowling Club on Tuesday night, 27th July from 6:30pm. Executive members (office bearers) are asked to be there by 6:00pm for an Executive meeting before the general meeting.

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