Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Bright Season Ahead

An excellent roll up of more than a third of the clubs members attended the Annual General Meeting held at the South Tamworth Bowling Club. There was much profitable discussion about the season past and even more forward thinking about the 2010/11 season which is still pulling the blankets up on these frosty, winter mornings and demanding sleep in rights until Spring.

Terry Skewes was elected to the President's role and he spend a generous amount of time describing the work of his predecessor Tony Higgins and his big vision of where the club should be headed. Largely armed with Tony's vision, the club will forge ahead next season.

Phil Hood and Cory Callcott will Vice President's this year. Deb Batley was confirmed in the role of Secretary and Claude Orenstein is back for his fourth year as Treasurer. Claude reported a good financial position for the club, with money in the bank, stock on hand and a greatly reduced amount of outstanding fees, 80% of which he is certain will be recovered.The measures taken to encourage players to pay their fees on time have worked.

Peter Langston was appointed Publicity Officer.

The meeting confirmed their desire to continue with targeted sponsorships to support specific programs, in particular bringing quality players to the club to play in the first grade side. The trial last season was a great success and Tony Higgins and Dan Mitchell have been asked to act on City's behalf in securing sponsorships for the coming season and seeking out players. There was unanimous support for these programs. The committee will continue to negotiate with the major sponsor after many members expressed points of view.

There was a long discussion on selection policy and it was decided that the club will appoint three selectors and that committee, along with input from the President and an open dialogue with the four skippers, will select teams each match. The aim is to have the selectors working with skippers on their teams in the best interest of each team and the club. The three selectors would be ideally experienced members, preferably non-playing who have extensive cricket knowledge and good skills of communication. They will be appointed at a later meeting but nominations should be sent to Deb Batley.

Training was also discussed at length. Everyone seemed happy with our current venue but a strong desire was expressed for a return to a Tuesday/Thursday format. The club will investigate this further, along with the appointment of a paid training coordinator/coach who will run one training session per week and will provide expert coaching in technique.

This website was praised for its attention to detail and ease of use and many remarked on the positive impact it has on the club. Thanks - we all do our bit.

Say tuned for further announcements and future meetings. Matters still to be decided include:
1. Election of the selectors
2. Election of Captains
3. Appointment of a Training Coordinator
4. Settling the major sponsorship
5. Training days, times and commencement date (come on ... I'm already hitting a ball on a string!)

Fabulous attendance and great discussions about where to next. Stay involved. It's your club. Turn up.

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