Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Reminder on Fees

All players in the club are reminded that membership fees must be paid in full by Saturday 18th December. Membership fees allow members to meet their responsibility for the costs incured by the club in providing a cricket match for them to play each Saturday. City United doesn't run to make profits, it runs to make players happy. The fees are voted on each year at a Club meeting before the season commences.

This year, as a special offer, as each club member pays his fees in full, he will receive a club dress shirt at no extra cost. The cost of the shirts is being met by sponsors. Players who pay their fees will have preference in selection from January onwards and players who don't may be deemed ineligible to play in semi finals.

Thanks and congratulations to the following players who will be the first to receive club dress shirts: Simon Bellamy, Cory Callcott, Lachlan Cooke, Ryan Hansen, Tim Hunt, Richie O'Halloran, Paul Lawrence, Daniel Lawrence, Peter Mead and Claude Orenstein.

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