Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Presentation Night & Magic Moments

With the playing part of the season out of the way, it's time for the post mortems to start and the biggest and best of these will be at the Annual Presentation Night to be held at the home of our major sponsor, the South Tamwortth Bowling Club on Saturday 17th April from 6:30pm in the BBQ area.

Sure we'll have awards to hand out, sure there will be great tucker, sure there will be music and speeches and presentations of this and that but most importantly, you'll be there and so will your mates, wives, girlfriends etc. There is no better way to put a season to bed than getting together with club mates and taking those highlights out to dance. As the night goes on, watch how the greatness of the performances grow!

Don't miss this evening. Apart from anything else, we get a chance to draw a line under this season, slap each other on the back and start to further build the strong social links which eventually make for even stronger playing performances next season.

Cost of the evening will be small $5 per person or $10 a family.

Magic Moments - Towards this end, name your highlight in comments below. It can be about you (really), it can be a single performance or a season performance. It can be a club event. We average 520 hits a week, so let's see some entries. Click on "Comments", write you response and include your name. As they come in, I'll list them to the right in the sidebar. You can simply agree with something already written. Give the people a voice!

Let's have a party!


  1. I'll start you all off - a magic moment for me this year was Flaz kissing the City emblem on his cap when he bought up his first ton. Any others?

  2. Anonymous4/4/10

    I'll top that, Lango. My magic moment was watching Hamish Batley bowling at the death against Wests at Riverside 2, bowling us to a 1 run win.

  3. I don't normally allow anon comments. This one goes through.

  4. Cory Callcott5/4/10

    i cant believe no one mentioned my runout?? well it should of been is square leg was doing his job lol


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