Sunday, November 22, 2009

City United v Old Boys - 21st November, 2009.

1st Grade at No.1 Oval
Old Boys 9-223 (B Middlebrook 60x, A Hazelwood 49. Ben Semmler 3-22, Tom Wilson 2-29) defeated City United 9-200 (Buddy Harriott 58, Brendon Reynolds 37) by 23 runs.
The much vaunted Old Boys batting line-up didn't have things all their own way, despite the strong start they got from Norville, Hazelwood and Kelly. Tom Wilson gave City the dream start with the first ball of the innings smashing Morgan's stumps. After a mid innings comeback by City in taking 4-22, it was again Ben Middlebrook who played the innings of the day, especially a last wicket partnership of 25 with Will Howard. Ben Semmler again bowled well for three wickets. The City chase flagged badly to be 5-65 and then 6-96, with same problem of starts but no finish. Harriott and Reynolds put things back on track but their departures - two of three run outs in the innings - inside the last ten overs put an end to things. Semmler and Mitchell added twenty but at the end on the day, Old Boys last wicket pair made the winning difference.

2nd Grade at Max Sutton Oval
Old Boys 8-261 (B Fox 65, M Fulwood 39, A Follington 37, H Falkenmire 29. Leo Steyn 2-15, Jaye Sippel 2-28) defeated City United 8-175 (Hamish Batley 39, Anthony Cashman 17, Chris Langston 17, Leo Steyn 16, Luke O'Connor 13. M Fullwood 5-45)
Old Boys scored too many, including 28 noballs and wides which we gave them. City's bowling was undisciplined and that will always lead to punishment in the higher grades. Special mention to Chris Langston who held three catches. The batting started brightly but five players made starts and three made ducks and only Hamish Batley stroked the ball sensibly about for any length of time. This side is good enough, it just needs concentration, a bit more guts and a hunger for victory.

3rd Grade at Belmore
City United 8-264 (Peter Orenstein 74, Pat Dwyer 56, Ryan Sippel 46, Simon Bellamy 44, Wayne Brown 18. K Richards 3-32) defeated Old Boys 134 (L Dennis 36. Josh Allen 4-31, Glenn Ryan 3-11, Pat Dwyer 2-9)
Faced with a rampant batting line up and the small boundaries at Belmore, Old Boys were realistically no chance against the Rynocerators. Ryan Sippel and Pat Dwyer started as though they had a train to catch, raising 98 for the first wicket in just 17 overs. Great to see Patty back in touch. Simon Bellamy kept things cooking along and then Peter Orenstein blazed away with a mammoth return innings in City colours, his 74 including 12 fours and 2 sixes. Maybe the sole time you see him Thirds. Old Boys were routed by two spells of two wickets from Josh Allen and Skipper Ryan, who specialises in ripping up the batting tickets of opposition middle orders. Another huge win Thirds.

4th Grade at Minor Leagues
City United 7-196 (Steve Johnston 65, Dave Smith 47, Ryan Hanson 27x, Tim Hunt 16, Phil Cook 13. W Chesterfield 3-24) defeated Old Boys 122 (R Morgan 36. Steve Robinson 4-43, Tim Hunt 2-18, Dave Smith 2-22)
Welcome to the party Fourths and didn't they turn up to play. Another big opening stand, this time Smith and Johnston putting on 92 for the opening wicket and then a middle order steadied by the calm and experienced head of the 12 year old Hanson who M-bopped his way to red ink! Good runs were followed by better fielding with five catches, a stumping and a run out underlining the impressive fielding display. Steve Robinson flighted the ball right from the bat into the fielders hands but all the bowlers, including the openers Kaine Philpott and Sam Langston bowled well. Fourths are on the board. Well played Skipper Scarborough.

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