Thursday, November 19, 2009

Monthly Meeting Highlights

Members met on Tuesday night to discuss the affairs of the Club. These were the notable highlights:
  • Grant Scarborough reported that a squad of thirteen players will be formed for 4th grade from the generous numbers the Club had turn up in the pre-season;
  • water will now be provided for players at training on days of extreme heat as the day's maximum has usually occured in the thirty minutes before training starts;
  • letters of congratulation have been sent to Hamish Batley, Buddy Harriott and Ron Farrell on their recent state selections;
  • Claude Orenstein reported that the Club is in its best financial position for years and that players were being very responsible about getting fees paid;
  • our auditor praised Claude for his excellent work in maintaining the club finances;
  • the TDCA has a new sponsor, Blue Dog Fences;
  • TDCA rep teams have issued an invitation for captains to nominate young bowlers to attend rep training for skills development and to provide net bowlers for the rep players at rep cricket training at the Dick Edwards Oval nets on Tuesday from 5pm. Players should consult their captains;
  • the idea of holding BBQ's at members' houses was discussed on those Saturday evenings when the BBQ area at the STBC was unavailable. It's a matter that needs more thought so we can do the right thing by sponsors, members etc;
  • meetings will start thirty minutes earlier in future.

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