Wednesday, February 24, 2010

News From The Club Meeting

A big meeting this week with some important matters discussed. All players, officials and especially parents are asked to think on what they can do in regard the following. If everyone does a bit, its a lot easier and more effective than a few people doing a lot.

There was to be a FREE Club BBQ this Saturday after cricket at our major sponsor's, the South Tamworth Bowling Club. Unfortunately, the Bowlo, in a move typical of their community generosity, are commited to a big charity event to support the Westpac Rescue Helicopter. Regardless of this event, it is really important we are a presence after the game, so to encourage you to attend, each player will receive at lease one free drink from CUCC. Are you aware that without the STBC sponsorship, your individual fees would be $60 higher, so let's see you there on Saturday to show our sponsor's how much we appreciate their support. All club members and their families are expected to attend for a while to support both clubs. Let's get the City Spirit back on a roll as we gear up for the semi-finals.

Fees are now overdue. The good news is that players have had their best response for years in paying fees which is fabulous so it would be good if that last 10% could be finalised ASAP to make life easier for the Treasurer Claude Orenstein in paying the bills. I wonder if any of you know what your fees are used for? The graphic at the right shows what percentage of your money is applied to Club expenses (you can click on it to make it larger).

With semis almost on us, some players/teams will be disappointed as their season ends. The blokes at the meeting wanted to ask players from teams who get knocked out to still attend practice to act as net bowlers and encouragers of the teams who are still a going concern. Imagine the lift to players about to play a finals match when club mates turn up to help their preparation. A few hours of your time on a Wednesday or Friday could make a difference.

It's a bit disappointing that too many players have neglected to have their STBC badges sown onto the shirts, especially in the higher grades which attract media attention. If you are one of those players, could you at least use a safety pin and pin the emblem in place. If you can't sew or have no access to a person who can, speak with you captain about arranging to have the emblem sown on. This is not a request. The badges must be worn.

The date for presentation night will be announced on this site in the next few days. It will be held at the South Tamworth Bowling Club, in the BBQ area. A new addition this year will be a Yearbook to record our achievements as a club, as teams and as individuals. It will include Captains reports, season stats, photos and a host of other things. In line with trying to organise Presentation Night, could all players who hold perpetual trophies (the big ones that are engraved each year with the winner's name) please return them to their Captains, ASAP.

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