Saturday, September 24, 2011

Serendipity Twenty20 Cricket Match - 630pm Friday 7 October 2011

Tickets to the Marquee at the Serendipity Twenty20 Cricket Match on the evening of Friday 7 October 2011 are on sale at Struddys Sports, Peel Street, Tamworth.

There has already been a lot of interest in the tickets and we are expecting them to sell fast, so don't leave it until the last minute to get yours!

I can also announce that NSW Cricketers Erin Osbourne and Claire Koski will be playing along with the boys in the main game, so it's great to have the girls out there to help promote Breast Health Awareness.

Don't forget that you can still come along to the general admission area (Kable Avenue side of Oval) and bring the kids to watch the game. We will have a jumping castle, BBQ and some half time entertainment to keep everyone happy. And the best part is that it will be Day-Light Savings so what better way to celebrate long days and summer on its way!
The main match starts at 630pm, with Central North girls match from 330pm.

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