Saturday, July 21, 2012

Training, no-one can do without it.

City has made some changes to the way we train, the date we train and the venue we train at.

City has also changed its training venue this season to the Riverside nets to allow for more fielding drills to be carried out. City will still have the bowling machine in use every session.

City will commence training early this year, with the first training run set down for Sunday 19th August at 10.00am at Riverside 1. City will continue to train every Sunday morning from 10am at Riverside 2 leading into the first match of the season.

Once the season commences training will convert to Wednesday afternoons starting at 5pm at Riverside 2 nets. City has its own bowling machine and other valued training equipment that will be in full use in the weeks ahead leading into the first match of the season set down for 6th October.


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