Monday, September 17, 2012

A important message for all.

     You can’t play until you have paid. Less than three weeks and only two more training sessions before the season commences.
      A minimum amount of $65 must be paid before you can take the field, due to the new insurance policy from NSW Cricket.
      Kathy Lawrence as our treasurer has done a terrific job in requiring only a slight increase in fees this season.
Our playing fees this season are as follow- Senior$260,                         Student$190,                                                           
                                       4th Grade Senior $190,             4th Grade Student $165.
       All new players to the club will receive a City United club shirt once they have paid their fees.
     All playing members, once you have paid your fees you will receive a City United training singlet.
BUT THERE IS STILL EVEN MORE!!!!!!!! (no not a set of kitchen knives but:)
      All playing members, if you have paid your fees in full before our Christmas Party you will be in the draw for THREE that’s THREE chances of having half your fees refunded back to you.
      Kathy would prefer all payments are by direct deposit in to City bank account ANZ ,BSB 012830 account 208227482. But if you are like me, and you pay by cash it must be with a smile.
GOOOOOOO I have paid up and are ready to go with CITY

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