Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fathers guiding words

An interesting tale was told to me from Saturday’s 4th Grade match. Timothy Skewes the “little boys” Captain had never scored a fifty in his life closest being 49. When he passed his personal milestone the crowd went off. His father also the President was on the side line watching his young fellow score from shots he only could imagine to play. Captivated by what was going on in the middle, our President was un a where that he suddenly was required to bat, “bloody hell” here is an opportunity for him to bat with his son and guild him to his century. As he approached his son and still trying to get dressed he had these inspirational words as they meet “When is the next break, I need to have a leak".  Timothy replied "your hopeless".  Our President then continued "Now listen I am here to use my experience and wisdom to get you to your century. Do as I say and do as I do”
Needless to say our president lasted three balls before his off peg was knocked over. His son went on to make 81.
                                        GOOOOOOOOO sometimes it is best to say nothing CITY

 Before I go I must give credit to a young player who came to City this season to further his cricket. Daniel Rogers has worked so hard on his keeping and his game this season. He had an accident at work resulting in him breaking his collar bone through that time his still came down to support 2ndGrade and it was wonderful to see him back on the field last weekend.
GOOOOOOOOO Daniel Rogers City clubman of the month CITY

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