Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Just ran out of time.

City’s 4th Grade side  “The Little Boys” and the brave Australian team have one thing in common, both teams just ran out of time. Ultimately, the Aussies fell two wickets short of victory. While City's 4th Grade side after piling on over 300 runs the week before needed twenty wickets on Saturday to obtain an outright result.
City fell two wickets short of that total. City's 4th Grade captain said "As a team we put in all day. In the last hour we had to obtain the last couple of wickets needed for the out-right win, I felt like we tried everything in our power -- round the wicket, over the wicket, short balls, pitched-up, spin, fielders all around the bat, even had a leg slip in place -- I thought we had a red-hot crack," Timothy said.
Our 4th Grade side in unbeaten this season and will need to change it's approach to it's game plan a little as all grades now start a run of One-Day cricket.
GOOOOOOOO cricket, you got to love it CITY

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