Sunday, December 16, 2012

Three out of four, you have to be happy with that!

City had victories in 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade against North's yesterday. Full match reports to follow. The most pleasing part of the results was that it was against strong opposition.  The captain with the biggest smile was 2nd Grade Paul Fisher as his team did  play well and a true team effort was needed to gain the victory.
3rd Grade under the direction of Peter {I just keep getting better) Mead continued on their winning way. 4th Grade under the captaincy of Timothy Skewes played the match of their season to get home against an experience and confident opponent.
The "big boys" need to regroup for their gigantic match of the season next week against Old Boys. It doesn't get any bigger than this match,-playing at No1 Oval, -playing under lights, -playing in City's Day/night uniform, -playing in front of a big supportive crowd and playing to stay in touch with the fourth place team of the competition.
GOOOOOOOO I am excited about the "big boys" match next weekend CITY

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