Friday, February 8, 2013

Watch out Newcastle they are on their way.

A number of City players are either now living in Newcastle or are headed down that way shortly to further their education.  Jack McVey, Ben Chew,
Michael Bellamy, Timothy Skewes to name a few. They will be travelling back when they can to play for City throughout the rest of the season.
It takes me back, to when I visited Newcastle
Driving down Hunter Street
In my hot FJ Holden
With chrome-plated grease nipples
and double reverse twin cam door handles
 Sitting eight abreast in the front seat
And we would lean out the window
And say real cool things to the sheilas on the footpath
Like uhhh.... 'G'day'
GOOOOOOOOOO Don't you ever let a chance go by O Lord. Don't you ever let a chance go by CITY

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