Thursday, March 14, 2013

CITY teams to play in the finals 16th & 17th March

Not all clubs play to the spirit of the game. But we are ready to play!!!

City has three Final matches, this weekend with three Grand Final opportunities await.
 The match times of the weekend matches- Saturday 1pm til 6 pm, Sunday 10am til 6.00pm.

2nd Grade Squad: Riverside 1, against South Tamworth: Paul Fisher (C) 0429654808, Sean Hancock, Simon Bellamy, Pat Dwyer, Neil Cooke, Daniel Rogers, Mark Fisher, Micheal Bellamy, Jake Philp, Adam Ryan, Chris Langston, Sam Brown, Reserves, Tait Jordan, Shel Ravi

City United Mighty 3rd Grade side One/Day Premiers, Minor Premiers and are ready to play this weekend.
3rd Grade: Riverside 2, against South Tamworth: Peter Mead (C) 0427603558, Cory Callcott, Matt Ballentine, Ben Ballentine, Lochlan Cooke, John Miskle, Andy Jarrett, Glen Ryan, , Brett Walsh, Scotty Hurn, Graham Schwenke, Rob Mills

4th Grade: Riverside 3, against Bective: Paul Lawrence & Terry Skewes 0407467012, Nick Stacey, Trent Balderston,   Tom Fitzgerald, Anthony Fitzgerald, Eddie Beattie, Tim Paynter, Cooper Thompson,  Garry Whale, Ron Benjamin, Doug Trueman,

GOOOOOOOOOOOOO win with grace, lose with dignity CITY

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