Thursday, March 21, 2013

My tribute to the old blokes who will be turning out for 4th Grade this weekend

When Old Blokes turnout for City.
Once we’d pound in from the fence
to bowl in Lillee-style,
or bat for hours, resolved, intense,
all dancing feet and guile,
we now curl offies down the track
and keep our innings brief,
to ease that tender, aching back,
and give our legs relief.

These days our knobbly knees are shot,
our eyesight’s none too good;
we find that we can’t do a lot
of things that we once could.
The girls who came to watch us play
are now our wives, who sigh
and, knowing of the price we’ll pay,
keep liniment close by.

Yet still we keep on turning out,
for cricket is much more
than just a game, it’s not about
that final winning score.
It’s bonds we’ve forged along the way,
It’s the friendships, not the fame,
the mates we’ve gained as the seasons fade away…

when old blokes turnout for City
it is much more than a game. 

GOOOOOO we have been here before, we know what is required, the very best, "Old Blokes" City

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