Friday, May 10, 2013

What was happening during December "12 at City.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

And the winners are.

At our Christmas party at No1 Oval, three players names were drawn from a hat and had half their season fees refunded back to them. The three players were Ben Semmier, Ben Ballantine and Terry Skewes. Congratulation to these winners and everyone who attended our Christmas thyme BBQ.
GOOOOOOOOO I won something CIT
Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry, Merry Christmas to everyone.

six white boomers
snow white boomers
racing santa claus through the blazing sun
six white boomers
snow white boomers
on his australian run

The first match after the Christmas break is on the 5th January. Training will resume on Wednesday the 2nd January 2013.

We at City would like to wish every player, supporter and their families, ALL a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.


GOOOOOOOOOO well, that's the bestest christmas treat that joey ever had CITY

City will be holding a Christmas thyme BBQ at No 1 Oval this Saturday. All players, supporters, families, and friends are warmly welcome to attend with lots of food and drinks to be had for all. So when your matches finishes on Saturday make your way down to No 1 Oval for some Christmas Cheer.
GOOOOOOO Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas to one and all CITY
Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wicket was breaking up at TREC

On Saturday Simon Bellamy played a match winning innings to be
34 runs N/O; Simon show some real grit to get the boys home, back at the Bowling Club he told me how the wicket out at TREC was very dry and was breaking up.I hope it was not as bad as this cartoon.
GOOOOOOOOO well played Simon CITY

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Three out of four, you have to be happy with that!

City had victories in 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade against North's yesterday. Full match reports to follow. The most pleasing part of the results was that it was against strong opposition. The captain with the biggest smile was 2nd Grade Paul Fisher as his team did play well and a true team effort was needed to gain the victory.
3rd Grade under the direction of Peter {I just keep getting better) Mead continued on their winning way. 4th Grade under the captaincy of Timothy Skewes played the match of their season to get home against an experience and confident opponent.
The "big boys" need to regroup for their gigantic match of the season next week against Old Boys. It doesn't get any bigger than this match,-playing at No1 Oval, -playing under lights, -playing in City's Day/night uniform, -playing in front of a big supportive crowd and playing to stay in touch with the fourth place team of the competition.
GOOOOOOOO I am excited about the "big boys" match next weekend CITY
Is the glass half empty or half full?
In the mighty Fourth Grade side on Saturday young Tom Fitzgerald and Graham Schwenke were batting superbly and were building a very nice partnership. Our President jumped to his feet and said,"I will take a cool refreshing drink out to Tom and Graham."
He filled two cups with icy cold water and waited for the end of the over before he started running out to the middle. Our President took off as he didn't want to hold the match up for this unscheduled drink break Arms and legs going everywhere, he reached the thirsty batsman he handed over the cups only to realized that all the water had splashed out of both cups on his rush to get out the middle. Both batsmen looked at their empty cups with total despair.
GOOOOOOOO he didnt really think it through, did he? CITY
Friday, December 14, 2012

Truth From the mouths of Babes.

Just before my daughter went to bed I told her how the Cricket Test Match was starting tomorrow from Hobart. I told her "for the next five days I am going to sit in front of the television and watch every ball bowled"
A hour later, while passing her room I overheard her say. "Oh God if cricket is played in heaven please let there also be rain".
GOOOOOOOO don't you love them CITY

GOOOOOOO This one just made me Laugh CITY

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hat-trick hero dismantles heart of South batting order

Jack McVey seen here jumps into this delivery for City United. They say good things come in threes and for Jack McVey that rang true on Saturday. McVey had a memorable outing against South picking up his first hat-trick and the three best and fairest points. He was then rewarded with his hat trick bowling display with selection in the Tamworth War Veterans Cup team for Sunday’s fourth round game against Gunnedah at No 1 Oval. This weeks stand in 1st Grade Captain Ben Semmler will be there on Sunday with Jack as both City players have been selected to represent Tamworth this Sunday.
GOOOOOO full story of Jack performance is in today Leader CITY

Monday, December 10, 2012

Read and enjoy boys and ladies read and enjoy.

Results from matches played against Souths on Saturday.
1stGrade: City won the toss and elected to bat first. City were dismissed for a total of 158 runs in the 38th over. Best batting: Jade Thompson 57 runs; Scott de Weymarn 23 runs.
In reply Souths were dismissed for a total of 115 runs in the 30th over.
Best bowling: Jack McVey 3/14 off 5 overs; Ben Semmler 2/33 off 7 overs; Simon Toyer 2/11 off 2 overs; Richie O’Halloran 2/12 off 3.3 overs.
Congratulations to Jack on bagging his first ever hat trick. A great milestone.
City won on first innings.

2ndGrade: City won the toss and elected to bowl. Souths were dismissed for a total of 104 runs in the 27th over. Best bowling: Simon Bellamy 4/30 off 7.3 overs; Sam Brown 3/30 off 5 overs; Jake Philp 2/16 off 5 overs.
In reply City made 3/106 in the 27th over.
Best batting: Michael Bellamy 35 runs N/O; Jake Philp 25 runs; Sean Hancock 23 runs.
City won on first innings and also gained a bonus point.

3rdGrade: City lost the toss and were sent out to bowl.Souths hit 6/158 off their 40 overs. Best bowling: Terry Kampe 3/23 off 8 overs; Andy Jarrett 1/5 off 6 overs; Peter Mead 1/25 off 7 overs; Brett Walsh 1/39 off 8 overs.
In reply City hit 7/160 in the 32nd over. Best batting: Cory Callcott 30 runs; John Miskle 26 runs; Terry Kampe 23 runs; Peter Mead 22 runs N/O.
City won on first innings.

4thGrade: City lost the toss and were sent out to bat first. City made 3/202 runs off their 40 overs.
Best batting: Tom Fitzgerald 78 runs N/O; Scott Hurn 37 runs N/O; Mark Chew 36 runs.
In reply Souths were dismissed for a total of 146 runs in the 39th over. Best bowling: Graeme Schwenke 3/5 off 4 overs; Tom Fitzgerald 3/20 off 5 overs; Paul Hagley 2/34 off 8 overs.
City won on first innings and also gained a bonus point.

GOOOOOOOOOO how good does it feel CITY
Sunday, December 9, 2012

What a afternoon to remember

The City of Tamworth echoed of the chant of CITY CITY CITY as we were successful in all all four grades against Souths on Saturday. The full match reports will follow.
All players wrote their own chapter of the story told from their match and after reading the results from each Grade all stories are best sellers filled with passion, skill, enjoyment and satisfaction.
On Wednesday afternoon at training we will need prepare and regroup for the next big test against Norths but until then

Friday, December 7, 2012

Tezza one of City's best.

There are so many true gentlemen, just nice guys amongst this year’s playing group. One of them is Terry Kampe. Tezza is one of those players that you want on your team and to just be around. He was introduced to City by Paul Hagley where he started playing for City in fourth grade. Tezza was one of the major reasons why fourths made it's way through to the Grand Final. He is currently playing 3rd Grade with Peter Mead but he recently filled in as a late replacement for First Grade.
He has taken so many bowling attacks apart with his wide variety of strokes. He can also bowl that killer inswinger that has claimed so many wickets.

GOOOOOOOOO City’s gentleman of the week Tezza Kampe CITY

Don't worry boys she is back.

The little boys) in Fourth Grade was unbeaten till last Saturdays match. After the match the team held a discussion on where we went wrong. There was someone missing, a member of the team that was there through all our victories, but was missing on the day, this team member doesn’t bat or take wickets but she is very much part of the team. Marissa our dedicated scorer was our missing link. So watch out Souths Marissa is back for this weekend's match, the team is back to being full strength.

GOOOOOOO to all our City scorers, a big Thank You as you are very much part of the team CITY
On my way home I passed No 1 oval and thought I saw some City shirts. I pulled up and saw eight players hard at it with some fielding drills. It was the 1st Grade captain Dan Whale with other players from the 1st Grade squad. They have been doing extra training each Tuesday afternoons for some time now.
1st Grade is always well represented at our main training night on Wednesdays, if any grade deserves success on the paddock it is our 1st Grade side.
GOOOOOOOO they made me tired just watching them

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