Monday, October 14, 2013

Up-date on Mark Fisher.

On Saturday Mark was playing First Grade and was really enjoying the experience until while fielding he messed with Tezza Kampe. Both boys collided with Mark coming off second best and was helped from the field, on the other hand Tezza jumped to his feet with no ill effects from the mishap. I rang Mark on the Sunday to see how he was feeling, "sore ribs and shoulder, bruised knee, abrasions to lower leg, felt like I have been hit by a truck". Mark Said.
Hoping to see you back at training on Wednesday, Mark.
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO boys, might be best to call next time CITY

City own Ryan Hansen has been selected in the Central North's U17s team and will now play in the Country Carnival over three days at Raymond Terrace in a few weeks.

Don't forget training and selections tomorrow, Wednesday commencing at 5pm at the Riverside 2 practice nets.

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