Friday, October 11, 2013

The catch.

I swear I saw it come straight off the bat
A small red dot growing to fill the sky,
I readied myself to holt its descent,
feet well apart, steady, hand-eye practiced
co-ordination triggered to make the catch.
Arms above my head, like a high-board
diver sure to end the ball's spin, tuck
and revolutions with a perfect re-entry
to a soft sweatless cushioned pail-like palms.
Ready to welcome the mob’s celebration, as team mates stare.
I dropped it.
I don't see how. I have a safe pair of hands,
maybe I lost it in the sun?, or was it Sugar yelling “DON’T DROP IT”
as it entered my hands.

Teams for Saturday's match against Wests
1st Grade Chaffy Park: Dan Whale (C) 0423918389, Nick Blake, Ryan Hansen, Sam Brown, Tait Jordan, Terry Kampe, Daniel Lawrence, Mark Fisher, Dan Rogers, Lachlan Cooke, Neil Cooke.
2nd Grade Riverside 3: Peter Mead (C)0427603558, Josh Bennie, Simon Bellamy, Ishan Duggal, Paul Fisher, Danny Malpe, Cory Callcott, Charlie Kelly, Steve Ballantine, Cooper Thompson, Sean Hancock, Adam Ryan,
3rd Grade Belmore Park: Terry Skewes (C) 0407467012 John Miskle, Glen Ryan, Paul Lawrence, Anthony Fitzgerald, Graeme Schwenke, Eddie Beattie, Tim Paynter, Rodney Pryor, Josh Miles, Luke Dennis, Trent Balderston.

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