Monday, November 25, 2013

Sing it proud and loud.


Our own Garry, Dan and Nathan Whale saw the first three days of the test match against the Poms in Brisbane. The Australian team celebration released months of tension leading up this series against England.The Australian Cricket victory song would of been sung proud and loud following the match.
Under the Southern Cross I Stand,
A sprig of wattle in my hand,
A native of my native land,
Australia you bloody beauty.
GOOOOOOOOO well done to Micheal and the boys CITY
Good-natured banter V's personal sledging.
Whether you agree with it or not, sledging is part of professional cricket.
At City United we believe there is no place for personal sledging in our local club cricket. We enjoy good-natured banter and there is no problem with that but personal sledging  against an opposition player is a form of bullying, that can kill the fun of playing cricket!.
 We want our players to continue to be good sportsmen – it's an important life skill to be learnt for both on and off the field. Part of being a good sportsmanship is learning to lose with grace and win with humility.
We can’t control the behaviour of other teams. We can only ensure  there is a fair and respectful standard in our own game which we hope will be returned in kind by our opponents.
 GOOOOOOOO we play for the love of it CITY

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