Tuesday, June 17, 2014

City United's 2014/15 AGM

  City United held its Annual General Meeting at the Tamworth City Bowling Club last night. The meeting was a hugely successful one. The members attending gave their support and confidence in which our club is being administered and the direction in which the club is heading.
   Our outgoing President Terry Skewes spoke of the previous season and how the club worked through what was a difficult period at the beginning of the season. This had caused allot of upheaval within the club.
   Never the less, as the season progressed the club and its players came together and stayed true to the clubs core valves and standards. City finished the season with some outstanding achievements both on and off the field and he hopes that the club can build on that momentum this season.
 At the meeting the clubs executive for the 2014/15 season were elected. 

Our new Club President Anthony Fitzgerald here with Robby Gregg.
President :               Anthony Fitzgerald
Vice Presidents:      Dan Whale
                                Paul Lawrence
                                Terry Skewes

Secretary:                 Nikki Hansen
Assistant Secretary: Trent Balderston

Treasurer:                 Kathy Lawrence
Assistant Treasurer: Mark Fisher

More on our AGM soon, but until then GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CITY

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