Tuesday, August 26, 2014

They were far too good for me.

Neil  (Lillee) Cooke
I was ambushed at training on Sunday. There were good numbers at training on what was a splendid morning.
The better bowlers were all in one net, bowling against potential first and second grade batsmen and giving them all a good workout.I padded up, eyeing up the second net. Thinking to myself “there was more danger of being bowled off the side netting then a straight ball getting through my defences.”

As I walked towards the second net, with a confident stride, a heard a little voice from behind me “excuse me, sir can I go in this net.” I looked around to see one of the many new young faces that have signed up for City this season. His helmet hid his baby face, what could I say but “Sure son, in you go”.
To my horror I got the call to hop into the No 1 net. My confidence quickly left me.
The bowlers smelt blood. Tezza was bowling these unplayable late in-swingers while Neil would then follow up with his unplayable out-swinger. If the club could get both these bowlers playing in the same team, they would be the next Thompson/ Lillee bowling partnership.
After a quarter of an hour of missing and nicking it was time for me to get out of there.

Terry (Tommo) Kampe.


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