Monday, September 15, 2014

Dubbo's trip

We gathered before dawn, weary eyed. We climbed onto the bus heading out west. It was not long before most of us had fallen back to sleep.
The sun was truly up when we past the Black Stump Rest Area outside Coolah but we still had some travelling to do as we were headed somewhere out beyond the Black Stump.
As we come into Dunnedoo we stopped to stretch our legs. The local bakery was hit hard with pies and sausage rolls proving to be very popular amongst us professional sportsman.

The match report was seen through a City supporter's eye.
Match report "The game itself was a very close affair. We were meet at Dubbo by the Dubbo Colts 1st Grade side.
Simon asks who would like to be wicket keeper? We all looked at Mark “Pup” Fisher, we knew what he lacked in ability he would make up for with passion and “Pup” would not let us down. City had the Colts in trouble throughout their batting innings and the Colt found it hard to hit the ball off the square. It was City’s turn to chase down what seemed a small total. The final result was so close that the scorers could not separate the two sides so it was called a draw."

The day itself was full of laughter and a very enjoyable time was had by all. City’s club spirit of supporting each other throughout the match was on show with our 1st Graders encouraging the young juniors that come on the trip and took to the field.  
A very big thank you must go to our Club Captain Simon, our coach driver Paul and our scorer Marissa for what was a very enjoyable day.

The highlight of the match for me was to see Paul Lawrence smash 33 runs with the bat and Mark Fisher’s three brilliant catches wearing the gloves.  Dave Smith must have the final word as he has announced his retirement from cricket for the sixty third time only for him to hear that there is another trail match this coming Saturday against Armidale to which he quickly stated I will be there.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Later in the week there will be photos posted of the trip and information of a young City’s successful debut.CITY

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