Thursday, November 27, 2014

City women doing us proud.

Tamworth City United Women’s team are
forging their own history in the midweek competition being played against four clubs.                                                                                    Game 1With excitement and some nerves the Tamworth City United Women’s team took to Riverside no.4 for the first T20 game in Tamworth.
With Souths and Norths unable to field a side they combined with Old Boys to take on City.
Under the skilful guidance of coach Dr Shel Ravi, City won the toss and elected to bowl.
Mishelle Fealy had the honour of sending down the first delivery in the new competition, and showed good line and length.
Some great fielding from Jennifer Ingall, Rowena Griffith and Sam Howard saw the opposition well contained.
When it came turn to bat, City put on an impressive display and enjoyed their first hit out.
City 5 – 109 defeated Old Boys 7 -99 from 20 years.

 Game 2
Batting first Michelle Fealy and Sam Howard set a good pace for Tamworth City United.
In the spirit of supporting more opportunities a number of City players retired to ensure the entire order had a chance to bat.
 Runs were limited due to difficulties picking the opposition’ s novel bowing actions.
Taking to the field, City showed its class, and while it seemed a little bit of challenge to put the football skills aside there was some fast and accurate catches and returns to the stumps.
South 5-97 defeated City 6-91

Game 3
Sent in to bat, Janice Jackson and Rowena (Bradman) Griffiths set the foundation for the game.
Jackson looked like she was just settling in, when a less than orthodox bowl saw her knock a catch to a waiting fielder.
Again a number of City batters took the option of retiring to ensure the entire order had chance to bat.
Bianca Cousins and Jennifer Ingall looked outstanding both hitting boundaries, while Cat Kruse continues to show massive improvements.
Unfortunately again runs were limited by novel bowling actions.
Taking to the field a new star emerged, in her first game Bec Kenny showed incredible pace, line and length; terrorising the batting side.
Cousins and Howard also showed incredible improvements with the ball both taking a couple of wickets.

The final match of this competition will be played this afternoon from about 5pm at Riverside 5. Everyone is welcome to come and support our ladies in their final match.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO don't be fooled by their smiles and laughter, they know how to play good standard of cricket CITY.

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