Monday, November 17, 2014

How’s that? On Saturday City United wrapped up it’s 2 day matches against Old Boys and were victorious in two matches. In doing so, both 1st Grade and 4th Grade beat the defending premiers for their grades. A stellar performance from the players involved. 
In today’s local paper our own Richie O’Halloran and City’s newest all-rounder superstar Jack McVey spoke to the NDL reporter after the match.
Richie called the win as “the upset of the season.” Richie went on “ Bowling the premiers out for 104 is a great effort. It proves that we can do it and that we can be threat this season”.
Jack had to wait a while before Richie took a breath but added. “We have a real strong bowling outfit this season” Jack said. “If everyone can stay fit we are a decent chance. We have set a goal this season of making the finals and I think we can do it”

 Our juggernaut  4th Grade team with their win on Saturday now leads the competition, Robbie Gregg captain of the team of parents and sons scored a century which helped the team to victory.

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