Friday, December 19, 2014

All welcome.

All 2nd and 3rd grade players and City members and supporters are all invited back to No1 Oval to watch our 1st Grade side play in a Day /Nighter under lights. The match commences at 4pm. There will Pizza and drinks will be provided at a very small cost.
May the chapter of the story told of Saturday’s match be a inspirational one.

A Friday little story.
It is just as stressful for the Fathers to be.
Brian’s stress level was at unsurpassed levels.  His wife Maggie was in labour and Brian was sure it was time to head to the hospital.  Breathing heavily, Brian grabbed the phone and called the doctor.   “MY WIFE, SHE’S READY, SHOULD WE COME?”  The doctor tried to relax the poor fellow, “just try to relax, now tell me how much time elapses between the contractions?”  “SHIRLEY!”  Brian screamed on the top of his lungs,  “SHIRLEY! HOW MUCH TIME IN BETWEEN THE CONTRACTIONS? TEN MINUTES? OK, TEN MINUTES IN BETWEEN!”
He yelled into the phone.
 With a soft calmness the doctor Questioned. “And is this her first child?”

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO watching our boys playing under lights, you got to love it CITY

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