Friday, March 13, 2015

City's 4th Grade team to play Old Boys this weekend in the Major Semi-Final match.

All players please note: This is a two day match if any player selected is unavailable for either day please contact your captain asap. 

City United team to play Old Boys in the Major Semi-Final match. All players are requested to be at their prospective grounds half an hour before commencement of their match.

4th Grade Riverside 5: Playing start times Saturday 1pm- Sunday 10am.
Robbie Gregg (c) ph. 0449 292110, Brody Gregg, Neil Cooke, Josh Cooke, Noah Pitt, Russell Pitt, Joey Mead, Liam Rodgers, Andrew Rodgers ,  Ryan Woods, James Wallace, Doug Truman, Nadine Mead (Scorer) Reserves Paul Lawrence and Les Wallace
GOOOOOOOOOOOO where special things happen CITY
City United would like welcome all our players back to The Tamworth Golf Club for a drink after the match. No thongs and singlets please.

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