Friday, January 30, 2015

Strong City teams are ready to fire this weekend!!!!!

I was looking over the teams to play Old Boys this weekend. I must say it is the strongest the teams have looked for a few matches now. I am sure City will give Old Boys a run for their money throughout all four grades come Saturday. There has been a late change in 3rd Grade with Paul Lawrence having to work on Saturday so his place has been taken by Gary Whale.

A little Friday story.
There were no two ways about it. Our 2nd Grade Captain Mark “Pup” Fisher has a sweet tooth. I caught up with him through the week and he told me this story. His lovely partner Rikki, had celebrated her birthday. Her mother had made this beautiful huge chocolate birthday cake for her.  
Mark went on and told me “It was terrible, what happened after the birthday party. You know how half of the birthday cake was left over? Well, I knew Rikki would be fuming at me for eating it, but I couldn’t help myself, it started with just a small nibble and before I knew it the whole cake was gone!.”
“I can imagine Rikki was really upset?” I asked.
“She never found out”, responded Mark with a full double chin smile, “I just baked another cake and ate half of it!”

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