Monday, January 19, 2015

The grumpy old man is gone and youth with it’s positive outlook is the way to go.

Graeme Schwenke bolwed his heart out on Saturday
I was speaking to the 3rd Grade captain Terry Skewes after the match against Bective on Saturday. Although they had lost the match he was very impressed with the bowling efforts of Ehren Hazell and Graeme Schwenke. Both men bowled very well.

He also wanted to thank the number of 4th Graders that filled in through the Christmas /New Year period. Our 4th Grade team recommences their own competition after the coming Long Weekend.

Special mention from Saturday's match must be made of batting openers in Garry Whale and Anthony Fitzgerald both men have had time away from the game with health issues. But you would not have known it, Anthony was his talented self-scoring another 50 runs while Garry who was up the other end was as solid as usual.
Garry told the boys that he had been watching a fair bit the 20/20 cricket on the television and that the scores should have their pens ready.
Garry started his batting like we haven’t seen before having 3 runs off his first three deliveries. He then slowed down a bit, but Garry always is teaching the young batsmen coming through City to always, always valve your wicket.
Timmy Pynter had captained this young side a few times this season and will take the Captaincy role on full time for the remaining of the season. Our 3rd Grade team is still sitting in the top four with a nice little buffer between them and fifth place with four matches remaining until the semi-finals.

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